How To Get Over a Breakup and Attract True Love with Astrologist Yasmin Boland

Yasmin Boland, journalist turned astrologer and author of Cosmic Love, talks love, bad break ups and how to get your ex back. Yasmin shares five great tips to get through heartbreak and why some men and women find it difficult to attract true love.

RESCU: Why do men and women have trouble attracting true love?
Yasmin Boland: It’s nearly always to do with believing that we’re not worthy, so either we attract no one or we attract someone who reinforces our belief that we don’t deserve better and end up in toxic entanglements, and then think we’re “unlucky in love”!

RESCU: Are there self-limiting acts and thoughts that contribute to our failure in finding love? What are they and where do they stem from?
Yasmin Boland: Up to 70 per cent of our thoughts are negative in nature. There are hundreds a day and any and all of them can limit our potential. To work out where they came from, work out what belief is behind the thought and when in your life that belief came into being – working that out can release it.

RESCU: What are 5 great tips for getting over a bad break up?
Yasmin Boland:

1. Go on holiday with friends or even by yourself.

2. Take down all the pictures etc of your ex that you have around to remind you of what you’ve loved and lost.

3. Un-friend him/her on Facebook, un-follow on Twitter etc.

4. Chant “Om Namo Narayani” which means, “I surrender to the Divine” and accept that what you are going through is for your best.

5. Read my book Cosmic Love and do the “Breaking with the past” exercise!

RESCU: What are your expert tips for finding a great partner?

Yasmin Boland:
1. Tell your friends you’re open to love – constantly affirming how happy you are to be single means you will stay happy but single instead of becoming happy and attached.

2. Don’t be afraid to try methods like online dating, blind dates and speed dating, even if all they do is keep you in practice!

3. Give up on a bad relationship early on if you sense it’s going down that fast road to heart ache – learning to do this is part of maturing emotionally! You don’t have to be ruthless, but you can be smart.

4. Having said that, don’t expect others to be perfect anymore than you are not perfect.

5. Don’t be superficial – do you want love or a trophy?

RESCU: Can you help get an ex lover to come back? Is this good to do?
Yasmin Boland: A love who comes back because you do something manipulative like a spell is likely to cause you a lot more heartache.

RESCU: Why are some people chronically single when on the outside they look like a great catch?
Yasmin Boland: Possibly because they don’t want all the meaningless flings, hook ups and break ups that are the alternative to long-term singledom between true loves.

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