How To Give Bounce to Fine and Limp Hair

There are days where you wake up to flat hair, a bad hair day. Sometimes we have to attend events where hiding it under a hat or beanie is not appropriateWella Professionals Creative Director Australia, Renya Xydis teaches you how to add a volume to your hair and instantly take you from feeling glum to fabulous.

1. Bounce and body starts at the roots, so it essential that even before blow drying, you prep your hair with a root lifting product.

2. If you have fine hair, it’s also best to add a texturising product throughout the ends. This will help your hair to hold the heat-styled curls that you are about to create.

3. Let your hair dry naturally. The key to achieving body is to not straighten and smoothen the hair shaft via blow drying. Once hair has dried naturally, taking a round brush, blow-dry the roots only; blow-drying up towards the ceiling.

4. Then, take a small-medium sized curling wand and wrap small sections of the hair around the shaft, hold for 5-8 seconds and release.

bouncy-hair2image: Dan Gosse for Cloud Nine. Kit X @ MBFWA 2016

5. A mistake that everyone makes is hairspray overkill at the end. This weighs down the hair. Flip head upside down, lightly spray and allow 2 minutes to dry.

bouncy-hairimage: Dan Gosse for Cloud Nine. Kit X @ MBFWA 2016

6. Flip head back and using a bristle brush, brush out curls for a soft and bouncy look.


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