New Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable With Or Without Your Personal Trainer

Summer is coming, so in an effort to get fit and healthy you have hired yourself a personal trainer to keep you accountable, you’ve come up with a new eating plan and you are trying to get your healthy habits back in check. However, what you haven’t accounted for is the fact that work is keeping you busy, you have some weekends away coming up and life in general seems to like to get in the way of your routine.

But you know what? That’s life and if you learn to roll with the punches you can still achieve your goals.

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Founder of Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas shares a few tips and tricks to help keep yourself accountable.


So you worked late and then slept through your morning workout? I’ve heard that one before.

Rule #1 is to have a contingency plan. Have a little workout in mind that you can do from your home if you miss your morning trip to the gym, have your gym bag packed so you can go for a run or to the gym in your lunch break of after work. Add your workout to your ‘to do’ list and only tick it off once it is done. Treat it like a task like any other that you need to achieve and tick off.

Here is a good go to workout if you don’t have time to get out of the house:

– 10 squats
– 10 push ups
– 50 transverse mountain climbers
– 10 jump squats
x 4

– 20 glute bridges
– 20 plank forward rocks (you are in a plank and you slowly push your body forward and inch and back an inch to work your abs and core. Suck your stomach in and squeeze your glutes tight)
– 20 alternating reverse lunges
– 10 burpees
x 4

If you have time do the workout again


According to research presented at the IDEA fitness, new and improved wearable tech will be one of the leading fitness trends of 2018.

So in light of that, I have been using the Apple Watch with a number of my running clients and it has been a great way for me to keep them motivated and on track to achieve their goals, even when they are not with me.

– By connecting my device with theirs, I can check their profile to track daily activity and energy expenditure to make sure they are following the program, are doing enough training and also to make sure they are not overtraining or missing rest days

– The watch adds an element of ‘gamification’ as they have certain targets that the clients must reach. Every person can have up to 25 people connected to their watch so you can monitor and compete with your friends or trainer.

– The social aspect. It has really brought everyone together on my running squad. We msg each other, heckle each other and cheer each other on through monitoring their workouts.


Another way to be held accountable is to create a training schedule and a contingency plan with one of your friends, or even one of your acquaintances at the gym who is at a similar fitness level/ has similar fitness goals to you. That way you have someone who can motivate you, someone who is relying on you to show up and if life gets in the way, that person can also encourage you to keep your word and at least do an ‘at home’ workout


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