Could Hypnosis Be The Secret To Effortless Weight Loss?

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

December can be a month of big commitments for work, social and family events. Let’s not forget to include our obligatory end of year celebrations too. With a heavy schedule of festivities, you may find that your fitness habits start to slide downhill. With exercise taking less and less priority, how do we get back on track?

What many of you may not know, is that most professional athletes have a neat little trick up their sleeve that gets them motivated with a laser beam focus – HYPNOSIS.

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I call it a neat little trick however the results can exceed all expectations. Utilising hypnosis for your fitness goals is like accessing a power punch to hit your target. It’s fast, it’s direct and happens whilst you relax for about 40 minutes. The neat little trick is that hypnosis accesses our unconscious mind where all our habits, patterns and core beliefs are held. This process is very fast and unobtrusive.

Many of my clients experience a lightness and clarity at the end of each session and a spring in their step as they leave. I will record the hypnosis session and encourage my clients to listen to the recording 2-3 times a week for up to 4 weeks. Then listen to it occasionally for a top up. That’s it in a nutshell.

After the first session you will feel a difference and each time you listen to your hypnosis recording (you can do this as fall asleep) your motivation and laser beam focus gets stronger and stronger. You can also purchase hypnosis downloads already recorded online without visiting a hypnotherapist.

If hypnotherapy isn’t for you, then there are some waking techniques, (methods where you are awake and don’t go fully into trance) NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.

A simple technique is finding a quiet place for up to 5 minutes. We want to be able to relax, close our eyes, use our senses and imagination. You only need to do one scenario at a time and at different times, so you can really immerse yourself in your imagination.

Focus on your breath and just let your body calm down

Scenario 1 – IMAGINE

1. You are in your workout gear and it’s a great day

2. Feel your clothes on your skin

3. Imagine looking up at the sun and feeling the warmth on your face

4. Hear the sounds around you e.g. traffic/music/birds/other people or your own breath

5. You feel pumped and rearing to go

6. Have a bounce in your step and can’t wait to start

7. Imagine beginning your workout- See it, feel it

Scenario 2 – IMAGINE

1. You are halfway through your workout – see it

2. You can feel your heart is pumping and body moving, pushing, exerting

3. You can feel yourself sweating (or as I like to call it, glistening)

4. Hear your breath as you exert yourself

5. Your mind is GO GO GO

6. You can smell body as it exercises – See it, feel it

Scenario 3 – IMAGINE

1. You have just finished your workout

2. You stop, you pause and just breathe deeply

3. Catch your breath

4. Feel your body let go and feel a little rubbery, pushed to the limit

5. You feel hot in temperature

6. You give an air punch

7. YOU’RE DONE and feel absolutely amazing

8. Ready for your day – See it, feel it

So enjoy all your festivities knowing you have access to a couple tricks up your sleeve. There’s no effort involved with hypnosis and as for NLP, time to imagine all possibilities.

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