How To Look After Your Body On A Long-Haul Flight

Travelling can wreak havoc on your body, health and mindset (if you let it), especially on those long-haul flights. Rebecca Miller, Founder of Health With Bec shares some very simple tips and tricks you can do to look after yourself and stay energised, healthy and hydrated during these flights and when you land at your destination.

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1. Stay hydrated!

Drinking plenty of water is crucial on long-haul flights. Generally speaking, the water provided on plans is in cups that are far too small and certainly isn’t offered nearly enough during flights. I recommend taking your own water bottle (which can be filled at the airport prior to flying) or purchasing bottled water at the airport before you board your flight.

2. Prepare and bring a variety of healthy and nutritious snacks to eat.

When travelling, I recommend sticking to healthy eating habits to ensure you feel energised and satisfied when you land at your destination. More often than not, plane meals and snacks are filled with sodium, preservatives and other nasties, so by skipping these meals and preparing your own foods you will be doing your body wonders!

Prior to boarding, I recommend eating a meal filled with healthy fats, vegetables and protein. I also recommend bringing aboard a range of hydrating snacks such as whole fruits (think apples and berries) and vegetable sticks (cut up carrot sticks, celery and capsicum to name a few!), as well as some healthy, nutrient dense foods such as almonds or cashews, 90% dark chocolate or pumpkin seeds.

3. Packing natural essentials!

For long haul flights especially, some people like to either stay awake or drink caffeine so they can adjust their body to the time of their destination. Caffeine supplements are often easily accessible at airports and before a flight however packing a natural caffeine will ensure that your body is absorbing a bunch of superfoods that will benefit your health rather than offer a quick fix.

4. Get up and move as often as possible!

Settling in for a long-haul flight, choosing a movie and getting comfy means we often forget to get up and move our bodies as often as possible. So, it’s so important to remember to get up and move as much as you can (aim for at least once an hour). Sitting for long periods of time can cause stagnant blood to pool in your legs, upping your risks of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I understand it can be awkward to get up and climb over other passengers at least once an hour, so I always ensure I book an aisle seat when travelling to be able to get up at my leisure without annoying anyone else. Doing some light squats at the back of the plane or in the toilet is one way to really get your blood pumping. Unable to get up and walk around too often? Or find you need a little more movement? Some beneficial movements you can do whilst seated include wiggling your toes, clenching and releasing your calve muscles and stretching your legs and arms

5. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin!

Eating nutrient rich foods and drinking plenty of water is so important whilst flying, however, many people forget to keep their skin hydrated as well! The recycled air and altitude on long hauled flights often dries out our skin leaving it dull and dehydrated. Removing all make up either prior to or on the flight and putting on a rich face moisturiser will do wonders for your skin when you land. I also recommend packing a moisturising body butter into your carry-on luggage will help prevent your skin becoming dehydrated and dull.


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