The Secret To Maintaining A Healthy Weight for Life

Nutritionist Dane Fuller from A Season of Change, a program offering thousands of Aussie women a 360 degree approach to wellbeing, shares how you can maintain your weight after all your hard work has paid off.

Dane says that there is an easy way to maintain your weight without the fear of repeating the same vicious weight loss cycle.

“If you have focused hard then it’s time to take your foot off the accelerator” he says.

“It’s much easier to maintain weight than to lose it.”

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RESCU: What do you do once you have reached your ideal weight?

Dane Fuller: Do exercises you enjoy and join groups or do it with others. Maintenance is about enjoyment, health and moderation; what is more important now is getting out regularly for at least 60 minutes, rather than intense workouts. Bring back in those healthy fats that you may have been limiting to get your calorie intake down. Every now and then, you can enjoy those delicacies such as chocolate, cheese, and pastries; not to mention alcohol! Living a healthy weight is not dieting; instead enjoy every pleasure in moderation whilst using the skills and strategies that you developed throughout your weight loss program.

RESCU: How do you stay on track?

Dane Fuller: Set yourself a target of where you are going to stay and where you will get back to if you drift off it. As scary as it sounds, weigh yourself every week. Maintain the routine of plenty of fluids and regular eating involving low fat, high fibre, unrefined foods. Set yourself continuous goals throughout the year to ensure that you are kept on track, such as a fitness event, a dress you want to wear, a bikini holiday or the family Christmas photo. Ensure that you commit to this goal by parting with the cash, telling someone else, or booking the event.

RESCU: What is the secret to maintenance?

Dane Fuller: You need to change; be someone else! If you live the life you were when you were overweight, you will be overweight again. Your values, choices and priorities will reflect how you maintain your weight; to be lean for life, you need to live a lean life. If you really want to be lean, then there are some things that you may need to give up in one way or another, and then there will be other things that you may need to adopt. You need to act in regards to the long term; it is not about what gives you pleasure right now, but what goals, dreams and ambitions can be achieved in the long term if you change your habits.

RESCU: How can people avoid the ongoing cycle of yoyo dieting?

Dane Fuller: One simple answer; don’t diet! Accept that it is not about what is fair, what you deserve or what is enjoyable, but more along the lines of ‘what is it worth’? What are you willing to give up; how would your life be different if you changed your lifestyle? If you aren’t going to make sacrifices, how can you get a win/win? At the end of the day you will get what you love and also what you need.


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