How To Make Day-Old Hair Look Freshly Blow-Dried

It’s a known beauty phenomenon that, while dealing with day-old hair, the secret lies in dry shampoo.

Since entering the beauty market, the ultimate hair saviour has been at every woman’s beg and call, without failing to fly endlessly off beauty shelves, globally.

Turns out, mastering the art of dry shampoo deflects how we’ve been doing it all along. In fact, we aren’t receiving every benefit the magic spray has to serve.

Below, tips for using dry shampoo that promise to keep your strands looking freshly washed well beyond day-old hair.

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Firstly, dry shampoo actually works better when used before required. While the product becomes pertinent the minute hair loses its gloss and shape with oils and grease taking its place, as it would be, using dry shampoo before required means it assists with prevention rather than countering the already-produced oils.

Tip: Before you get in bed, apply dry shampoo to roots, avoiding rubbing in. Upon waking, run your hands through your roots to press in any remaining dry shampoo. The dry shampoo will have soaked up any building oils, leaving hair fresh and clean.

Another common mistake lies in purchasing a dry shampoo that doesn’t match your correct hair type or colour. Given the market for dry shampoo is ever-growing, different hues to match hair are available and play a key role in avoiding a dusty-looking appearance throughout the root area.

While seemingly simple, it’s key to shake the can of dry shampoo before applying to the scalp. Why? The ingredients separate in the can but work optimally together. Further, the foam rises, meaning an un-shaken spray will leave a- faux- snow effect atop your scalp.

As for the best way to apply dry shampoo, tip your head over, spray the root area and avoid touching until the morning. In the morning, apply a generous amount to roots and brush through thoroughly with a large boar bristle brush to smooth over the surface, ensuring roots-to- ends have been brushed in full.

We recommend: Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, RRP: $8.50

As for styling hair, there’s nothing a spritz or two that salt spray can’t tackle. Summer is the perfect time of year to embrace day-old hair, revelling in the combination of a healthy sun fix, sea water and sea breeze. Whether or not you’re near a beach, the after-beach look is the sought after style this season and salt spray offers just that. By improving the hair texture without making it heavy, sticky or dry, hair will fall naturally, providing the perfect beach look.

To apply salt spray, shake the bottle several times as to activate the ingredients. Then, apply three to six times over wet or dry hair and style using fingers.

Tip: To create a loose, tousled style, leaving hair to dry naturally. For a wavy effect, blow-dry hair and twirl into sections.

We’re currently loving Sea Spray by David Mallet, RRP:$54

For an unexpected date night, we recommend aa spritz of the ever sexy Tom Ford Black Orchid hair mist. This smoothing and ultra seductive blend contains UVA and VB filters to protect hair from the sun, accentuates hair shine and has the added benefit of making men crazy.

We’re currently loving Tom Ford Black Orchid Hair Mist, RRP $115


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