How To Make Friends With Your Body

Making your body your friend is all about bringing your mind, body and emotions into positive alignment.  The physical, emotional and mental wellbeing changes that occur when they align are overwhelmingly positive; from reductions in pain to boosts in immune system response, increases in metabolism and exercise gains, reductions in recovery time and anxiety, better quality sleep and a better functioning gut.  It’s easy to see why being your bodies friend rather than foe is ideal! Creator of Corethentic, Flic Manning shares 3 simple things you can do to create that essential friendship.

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1. Meditate On it

Meditation fosters the relationship between mind and body and provides a necessary space for you to process your feelings and thoughts without judgement, criticism or fear. When we learn this life skill, we actively change our hormonal and chemical chemistry. In fact there is evidence to suggest that trauma changes us at a cellular level so holding onto anything that doesn’t nurture us will manifest negatively. So meditation gives your body and mind a chance to work as a unit to reduce the effects of stress, grief, pain, anxiety and so on. It can reduce oyur Cortisol (stress hormone) dramatically and this goes a long way toward you feeling better in general, and better about yourself!

2. Journal Your Thoughts

This is less of an everyday diary, and more of a way to note down the things that you appreciate or are grateful for that are derived from you. I recommend starting with journaling daily right before bed, by noting down the three things you have gratitude for or are appreciative of that you have done, look like, or are from that day. This could be that you liked how you looked in that skirt this morning, how you handled a rude customer at work, or how you took the time to appreciate how your laugh lines show you’ve lived a life with lots of reasons to smile. By actively doing this you are taking time to see who you really are instead of comparing yourself to pictures on social media. Remember that you will get flooded with all the reasons you are not “perfect” just by opening your phone apps, so in order to become your own best friend you need to make space to communicate with yourself like you would want a best friend to. The more you can appreciate yourself the faster your brain will categorise this behaviour as ‘normal’ and allow you to feel happy with what you have and who you are.

3. Move Your Body

No matter how time poor you may feel, taking 10- 30 minutes per day to complete some form of exercise is a game changer. Exercise increases Endorphins and reduces Cortisol which boosts your metabolism. This in turn balances your endocrine system (all your hormones and chemicals) allowing you to feel better physically and emotionally, by helping your body and mind to work more efficiently. Exercise teaches you what your unique body is capable of, helping you find strengths and reach successes you didn’t know where possible. Achievement is a great morale booster, so it’s a fabulous way to help your mind really love your body. Doing a workout also trains your mindset, proving to yourself that you are deserving of health, happiness and your own time. Remember that exercise is actually a way to refill your own tank because exercise underpins most of the major organs’ ability to do their jobs. So if you are a caregiver, or you work hard at your career you’re making yourself truly unstoppable when you exercise regularly.

True Wellness in any form and for any body means making sure you take care of all three areas. When you do, you will find that you have a deeper respect and friendship with your beautiful body, and that you will truly have a greater quality of life across the board. It’s time to make your body your BFF and it really is as easy as 1,2,3!


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