10 Tips To Wrap Your Gifts With Mega Style

It’s gift-giving season, which means there’s a lot of gift wrapping happening too. Maybe you’re like us and want to add a little something extra to make your gifts stand out or that when people see your gifts, know that it is from you without asking. Gift wrapping guru, Shiho Masudo shares her top 10 tips to getting creative with gift-giving.


1. Create a theme

Come up with a basic theme and then get the papers and ribbons to go with it. Your theme might be bright and beautiful or rustic charm, having an idea before you begin will help your wrapping project go smoothly.

2. Have the right tools

A sharp pair of scissors are a must for clean, straight edges. Double-sided tape is a gift-wrapper’s best friend to ensure a neat and seamless, beautifully presented gift.

3. Choose your workspace carefully

Having a large, hard-surfaced table to work on is important to complete the jobs efficiently and creatively. Working on the floor or carpet can make your wrapping harder to control.

4. Choose the correct sized paper

Measure and cut your paper to the right size to fit your gift. Cutting the paper to the exact size you need and not to have too much excess will help you wrap the gift easier and cleaner.

5. Technique is important

When wrapping your gift, always make sure the paper is wrapped tightly. Any folds you make, follow the same technique to keep all folds tight and pressed against the box for a neatly presented gift.


6. Have fun with the design

It’s a nice touch to personalise your gift by creating a unique design for gift receivers. Create a shirt design for Dad’s shirt, or elegant pleats for your sister’s skirt!

7. Have fun with toppings

‘Toppings’ are always a nice addition, whether it be on cake, pizza or gifts! Get creative and incorporate natural materials onto your gift such as red berry branches, evergreen sprigs and cinnamon sticks. It not only adds to the festive mood but creates a natural scent that will boost the holiday spirit.


8. Try using different types of materials

Store bought wrapping paper ribbons are not the only choices of gift wrapping materials. Household items such as wax paper, newspaper, magazines and empty product boxes can be great wrapping materials. You can also decorate the package using washi or masking tape.

9. Fabric options

Many of us have to travel with holiday gifts and using fabric to gift wrap is a great way to not damage or end up with wrinkled paper. Fabric can be easily unwrapped and wrapped again and it can often be part of the gift itself.

10. Most of all, have fun

Get into the spirit and create a holiday ambience with Christmas tunes, your favourite holiday drinks and sweets and surround yourself with the beautiful wrapping papers, ribbons and other materials. It will be hard to not get into the Christmas mood!

Watch Shiho Masudo demonstrate how to get creative with your gift-wrapping below.

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