How To Master The Art Of Glamorous Hollywood Waves

If there’s one hair trend that will stand the test of time, it’s the old Hollywood waves. Celebrities are ditching the controlled up-dos and sweeping the red carpets with this sleek and sophisticated look. Believe it or not, the average person at home can achieve the same results with just a few small adjustments. Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you recreate the glamorous Hollywood waves at home, created by Philips HairCare Ambassador and Celebrity hair stylist Paloma Rose Garcia.


STEP 1: Apply a thermal heat protectant through the mid to end lengths of your freshly washed hair and a volumising product to your roots.


STEP 2: Using a medium round brush, section the damp hair into three areas: the bottom nape (from below the ear down), the middle section across the head (temple down) and then the remaining top section (crown).

STEP 3: Use a hairdryer to dry each section of the hair for a smooth finish.

STEP 4: Part hair into a low side part of your desire.


STEP 5: Using a straightener, start from the low side of the head and place the straightener into the first inch of the root area of the hair. Do a full rotation (360 degrees) towards the face.


STEP 6: Hold in place for 5-8 seconds, release and then let the curl cool. Remember to keep the hair centred in the straightener to avoid snags.

STEP 7: Work in vertical sections of 1 inch by 1 inch down the head – then work all the way around the head.

TIP: By the time you get to the left side of the head you’ll be working the curls out.


STEP 8: Using a large wide tooth comb, brush the look out from roots to ends, moulding the waves into each other.

STEP 9: To set, finish with hair spray.


feature image via pinterest

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