Maximise Your Fitness Results Starting With This One Thing

The gym.

A word you either love or you hate.

When you think about popping in to your local gym or studio it can either make you super pumped or your toes curl.

I know I know, working out is hard, it can be frustrating and sometimes something that you don’t even know how to do!

For some a 9-5 job is ones form of workout. For others, that just won’t cut it! (and it shouldn’t!)

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The good news is that with the rise of fitness boutiques popping up all over Australia you now have the chance to personalise your experience, making the experience more targeted to suit your needs and likes.

ZADI Fitness Enthusiast, Cassandra Sakley shares her 5 tips to making your gym experience all time

1. Try a HIIT workout

A HIIT Workout. Short for High-Intensity Interval Training. This workout makes you go all out! That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, a 110% kind of all out.

The workout is made up of quick intensive bursts throughout the length of your exercise, followed by nice and short recovery periods. This style of training elevates your heart rate continuously. Your body will burn fat in no time and best of all, you may find that the fat will keep burning after your workout is done.
Can I hear someone say a hell yeah?

There are many different studios who offer different types of HIIT and functional workouts to suit your own individual needs. Women for example should train differently from men, and they would benefit from different exercises, sets and reps.

2. Crank your favourite Tunes

Training during the early am before work means you are probably going to be a bit tired.
Training after a very long day at work means you may be drained.
Working out to some great, fun and up beat music has been proven to take your mind off the task at hand. Making exercise a hobbie rather than a chore. It takes your mind off sore muscles, hard moves and the fact that you are in a gym.

Here are a few songs that will be sure to keep you going!

aNYway- Radio edit. Armand Van Helden, A Track, Duck Sauce. aNYway
Be Right there – Diplo
My My My – Throttle Remix by Troye sivan
Common emotions – Rudimentals

3. Cover All the Elements

Find a gym or studio that offers group fitness classes which consists of a complete full body workout. One that covers strength, cardio, flexibility, HIT, core and oh yeah – the thighs and booty!

4. Try and find a gym with the latest and greatest technology

The equipment that your studio has is vital and in some cases may speed up results! A few of the leading boutique studios now offer a heart rate monitoring system so you can keep track of how hard you are working, how many calories you have burned and more. Some also have a start of the art video display where you can watch the exercises live on the TV to ensure your form is correct and you can easily see options for progression or regression.

5. Choose a Boutique gym

A boutique studio not only feels and looks great but also generally have smaller class admissions allowing the trainer to focus on you and your form. We all have attended classes that are jam packed with people, where the trainer just cannot see if everyone is moving in the correct manner , that’s why a smaller group is key. SCRATCH THAT! Find a boutique studio where the group trainers will be right there to assist you and show you the way so that you will learn how to move like an expert in no time!

Incorporate these 5 tips into your workout and you will be sure to have a great time!


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