How To Prepare For June’s New Moon

June’s New Moon will take place on Saturday the 24th June at 12:30pm in Cancer.

The New Moon is a chance to start something new. It could be a new friendship, a new course, even a new relationship. Astrologer Yasmin Boland shares how to prepare for the June New Moon and what it means for your sign.


The top 10 things to be doing on the day and night before the New Moon:

1. Dig out your New Moon list from last month if you still have it and see how much you have manifested.
2. Think about which wishes you’re no longer that into
3. Feel gratitude for the ones you have seen come true
4. Let go of the past – think about the past 4 weeks and bless them
5. Make a mental list of your top ten dreams and ambitions for the month ahead post the coming New Moon. You don’t want to start writing them down yet. Just start to bring them to mind.
6. Carve out some time in your diary for doing your New Moon practise tomorrow
7. Google the Goddess Durga – she is the go-to Goddess for the New Moon as she is all about courage and strength and we all need that to launch our new plans
8. Google the Archangel Gabriel who will guide the New Moon as well – Gabriel is all about making announcements – do you have one you need to make? Tomorrow or the next day will be a good time for it
9. Don’t worry if you feel weird – the dark of the Moon now is a weird time!
10. If in doubt, chant my favourite mantra Om Namo Narayani which means I surrender to the Divine

Here’s where the New Moon is affecting your sign…


Your home life, your personal life, your domestic life, your past, your family, the people who feel like family and your actual home – all these parts of your life are up for renewal now as the New Moon this month focuses its energy on to you 4th House. If you haven’t been getting on well at home or with your family, this is the ideal time to sort things out. Allow them the chance to have evolved! Allow them to do things differently. At home, if you want to move, sell, buy or just change housemates, it’s all extra possible. For some, there’s a revelation connected to your past.


When it comes to getting what we want, it’s great to visualise and write Wish Lists but one of the other most important things we can do is very old fashioned; communicate! Be it at work or in our personal life, it’s so important to let others know what we want. The act of saying what we want invokes the law of attraction because speaking our desires means we have to have some conviction that we can get what we want. This New Moon this month in your Communications Zone brings energy galore to be spent on communicating. What do you want? Who can help you? Ask.


The good news for you is that this month, there’s a New Moon taking place in your 2nd House which is the part of your chart which is all about cash, property and possessions. If you want changes in any of these parts of your life, this New Moon is the ideal time to start to make the changes you want to. Remember that money is energy and it responds quite quickly to our thoughts of abundance or lack. If you know you’ve been thinking negatively about cash, use this New Moon as a marker and decide that henceforth you will turn your thoughts and expectations about cash around.


The New Moon is taking place in your sign this month, which is big news for you. It essentially offers you the chance to start again in any part of your life where you know it’s needed. If you’re really happy with the way things are going for you, it’s just an energy recharge which will help to propel you all the way through the coming 12 months towards your birthday. If you want to change the way others see you, the coming four weeks are the time to work on that. Ditto if you want to do something to change your basic appearance!


You’re in a slightly strange cycle – can you feel it?! This month, the New Moon is taking place in your 12th House which is the part of your chart where you keep All Matters Hidden and Spiritual. On the one hand, this can be a time when you just want to withdraw from the world, full stop. On the other, if you are into growing and evolving as your walk the spiritual path, this can be a time when you take time out from the madness to meditate and contemplate, knowing that the Universe will deliver to you the messages you need to hear.


The New Moon is taking place this month in your 11th House which is the part of your chart which relates to your friends and the things you’re wishing for. In a nutshell, having the New Moon here is very auspicious for two reasons. For one, it means you’re in a cycle over the coming four weeks when you can meet new people and sometimes, that’s the exact tonic we need. Be open to having new friends in your life. For another, though, it’s a hugely important time for manifesting.


Let’s hope you’re feeling revved up about your career or studies because the New Moon taking place this month is flooding your professional life or your student life with potential and ambition. If you’re already on the right path in your working life, this lunation here can really amp things up. However, if you’re struggling professionally and not quite sure where to turn, use this New Moon as a marker. Over the coming four weeks, you need to really put yourself out there in terms of talking to experts who can help you get where you want to be career wise, and also in terms of very basic things like research your job market.


The New Moon taking place this month will be in your 9th House, the part of your chart related to study, travel, adventure, and The Great Cosmic Quest. Re study, travel and adventure – just remember that you have a rush of new energy in both those parts of your life, so if you have plans in those areas, then you can the skies’ support. This part of your chart is about seeing The Big Picture of your life. Getting things in perspective. It’s about higher learning and self-improvement. This is the month to open your eyes to the big wide world rather than fretting about all the little details on the home front.


You have the New Moon in your 8th House this month. That means it’s firing up the part of your chart which deals with sex and money – sometimes separately and sometimes at the same time! When it comes to sex, if your love life is full, do whatever it takes to rev things up. If you’ve been inhibited, try something new. Go as far as you feel comfortable! Moneywise, it’s all about where your money is involved with someone else, so you have a chance for a restart re your pay or salary PLUS it’s a very good time to set out a debt repayment plan.


How’s your love life? There’s a New Moon in your Love Zone happening this month, which means you’re getting the chance to really reinvigorate your love life. If you’re single, this is the perfect time to draw a line under the past and to move on from your old loves, your old dreams and any old heart aches. If you’re attached, you probably already know about the importance of keeping your relationship fresh – and this New Moon brings in fresh energy, so have a think about some of the times you and your partner can do this month and over the coming month. Remember, some of the best things in life are free!


Oh you lucky lucky thing! You have the New Moon in your 6th House this month. In one way, this is one of the most dull and tedious Houses. It’s the part of your chart which is all about your daily routines. Not exactly riveting! However, this is also the part of your chart where you get a New Moon and you get a chance to tweak your routines so that at the very least, your daily life runs in a way that pleases you. If there are minor changes you need to make to the way your life runs, to your routines and schedules, then this is a great month to put those changes in place.


The Full Moon in your 10th house of suggests you may well be feeling a tug of war between your home life and your career. More than likely you have spent the past few weeks thinking about your personal life, you home, family, and where you feel you belong. Now though, the skies are reminding you that all of us have to crawl out from the safety of our nests from time to time. If you know you’ve been neglecting your professional obligations because of what’s been going on at home, the skies suggest now is the time to redress the balance.

A 3-step New Moon ritual

1. CREATE A SACRED SPACE: Burn some incense, a smudge stick or some Palo Alto wood to clear your space if you’re indoors. Put on some uplifting music (I love Edo and Jo, Deva Premal and Shaman’s Dream.)

2. GRATITUDE LIST: The way to manifest is to be get yourself into a state of gratitude. Once you’re there, you can start to create your new world. Write down your top 10 wishes and visualise them all – feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled, to quote Wayne Dyer.

3. RELAX: Go for a walk. Meditate. Trust that all will unfold for your highest good

Ways To Connect With The New Moon:

◗ Essential oil – As you begin your new journey (with the New Moon back in your sign), angelica seed will ease any doubts and increase self-awareness and positivity. Use angelica seed at this New Moon and for the coming four weeks – in your bath, in a burner or on your body.
◗ Numerological energy – The number for you this month is 1, which means this is a time to think about yourself a little more than usual. What are your dreams, aims and goals? Get centred. Be very aware that you’re at the start of your new 12-month New Moon cycle. Forget about the past and focus on what you want for yourself in the present, and what you wish to create for yourself in the future.
◗ Mantra – Use the mantra Ram this month. Chant it out loud or silently every day: while you’re in the shower, before or after meditating, or at any other time that feels right to you. It works to boost the chakras of the month.

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