How To Reintroduce Joy Into Your Life

Joy to the world! Joy. Joie. Freude. Alegría. Radość. Χαρά. فرح. 喜悦. Bucurie. Furaha. 喜び. Gioia.

The dictionary describes joy as ‘a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.’ Does that seem like your experience of life? It wasn’t mine for a long time, and I chose to change that. I have chosen and continue to choose to enjoy my life, and living, more.

If you’re curious, a voice and communication mentor and certified facilitator of Right Voice for You,Carolyn Sinclair shares a few ways you can reintroduce joy back into your life.

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Think back to the most joyful moments in your life, big or small.

What made those moments full of joy? What is it you like to do that you have forgotten you like to do? I recommend having no point of view of what is joyful for you – it’s your joy! Maybe being joyful for you is silly, fun, sinful, childish, sophisticated, hilarious, easy, silent, loud, physical, intellectual, private, public, dancing, singing, eating, spontaneous, free, expensive, relaxing, and so on! Is your joy loud and exuberant or quiet and delightful? Or both? Each of us has our own way of being joyful and you way is neither right nor wrong.

Do you have a pet? Or see people with their pets? Have you seen a dog or cat express joy? It is infectious!

A few years ago, I had a huge ‘a-ha’ moment when I purchased a cat tree for our cat. I bought it online and it arrived in a big square box. As soon as I opened that box, our cat went crazy! As I put each piece together and it grew vertically, he swarmed over it and inside it, purred loudly, head-butted me and totally embodied joy. He didn’t stop to think, “what did I do to deserve this?’ or ‘oh, you shouldn’t have’ or ‘it’s too expensive’ or ‘I’m not worthy.’ His unadulterated joy and receiving was such a joyful gift to me and prompted me to think about joy and everywhere I was refusing it, deflecting it or not choosing it in my life. So, observing how animals ‘be’ joyful, can give us clues about joy in our own lives.

What would it take for each of us to receive with joy everything that comes our way?

The good, the bad, the ugly, the expected and unexpected and the miraculous? To receive each day as a gift and be joyful? You know, it is just a choice! I now choose to be (and, of course, sometimes have to remind myself to choose to be) joyful as I rise in the morning (what grand and glorious adventures can I have today?); through my working day (what contribution can I be to this person, this creation?); eating meals (I love food and enjoy each delicious, sensual bite and sip); spending time with my husband (being interested in what he enjoys and does); and, yes, playing with and patting my cat, Kona! When we choose to infuse or see joy in each moment, it is as if time slows down and we become more present and mindful, and then it is much easier to be joyful. It can be simple, like taking a ten minute break and sipping a cup of your favourite tea in your favourite cup and looking out the window and watching the birds.

‘How can I be joyful when I have no money…no health…no family…no hope?’ you say. My experience has been that choosing joy in those situations can actually change the situation.

Let’s talk about money and joy – if you’re always sad and anxious and depressed about money will that actually attract more money? What if you were joyful about the money you have, even if it is a few dollars? What if you took it out of your wallet and enjoyed it? What if you were joyful about what you had and asked it to bring more friends to the party? If you are grateful and joyful about the money you have you will attract more.

Joy. Joie. Freude. Alegría. Radość. Χαρά. فرح. 喜悦. Bucurie. Furaha. 喜び. Gioia.

What do you choose? Do you get that it would change your life? (and maybe your money situation and relationships and health and more) if you deliberately cultivated choosing more joy in each moment in your life? What have you got to lose? Enjoy!


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