How To Strengthen and Repair Your Career in 30 Days

It’s a common problem faced by many in the workforce, when the rose coloured glasses come off, the zeal for a job wains and a career dream flat lines. Melinda O’Rourke from MO Luxury shares how you can repair your career in 30 days.

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Not only can this be disheartening, but also it can be the instigator which causes drive and motivation to stagnate and alters the trajectory of a well-planned career path. While the realisation of this issue may seem all doom and gloom, it should be the alarm that sounds and sets into motion a career ‘spring clean’ of sorts.

There are several steps you can take to strengthen and repair your career in just a month. These keys which may read like the golden rules for propelling a career will best see you action the change you need in your job if tailored to each unique situation. Like a well tailored suit a bespoke and made to measure approach will have you looking sharp rather than a ready to wear piece, which may leave you in an ill fitting, lack lustre situation.

While a quick fix approach would be a dream, the time spent doing the ground work to turn around your situation from a ‘work to live’ to a ‘live to work’ scenario is the best investment you can make.

These dos and don’ts are the catalyst for career rejuvenation:

Set Clear Goals

– Do make lists and clearly outline what you aim to achieve both personally and professionally (seeing something in black and white helps structure your thoughts)

– Do prioritise what is most important to you and map out the path to get there (i.e. think of what the natural steps would be to take this path)

– Do know where you’re heading? Have an endpoint and end goal in mind

– The best step to implementing change is to begin assessing yourself and your situation. With insight into who you are and how you work, you will be able to gauge what environment will allow you to shine (be as objective as possible and think about the constructive feedback you have received in the past to ensure self-awareness is front of mind)

Re-motivate Yourself:

– Assess what you need to move forward. Is there a skills gap stopping you from reaching that next level and how can you overcome this? Should you welcome more study, coaching or sign up to attend forums to sharpen your skill set?

– Do find out and learn what you enjoy. Distil these into what may be your new direction by asking yourself questions such as: Do you prefer the idea of working for a big or small company? Is an unstructured or structured environment where you perform best?

– Find your true calling. Do you like a constant challenge or do you prefer comfort, security and predictability in your role? This may be the key to the realisation of whether you feel compelled to work for a new or established business

– Try to see the big picture, know that your current situation is just one piece of the puzzle and the final picture won’t be achieved until all the pieces are in place. Getting this perspective will give you a better understanding of the big picture

Take Action

– Be an active part of changing your career course rather than having a passive approach and waiting for opportunities to come to you; request one-on-one informational meetings with colleagues and managers (which can also be mentors). The purpose of these brief discussions is to gain insight to help you make an educated decision. Know that people are generally willing to share their success stories and advice

– Don’t be a spectator, be a player in progressing your career! Volunteer to complete challenging projects and assignments. This can be one of the best ways to advance your career. By offering to implement a solution to a problem you not only increase your visibility in the organisation but you may just expand your skills in the process

– Stay ahead of industry changes. These can happen quickly so you must be vigilant just to keep up. In today’s interconnected global marketplace, an event on the other side of the world which may not have affected your company a decade ago can now have huge implications today. Allocate time daily to read the news. Bookmark key blogs covering your industry and track them each day for relevant updates

– Know your network and utilise the contacts you have built up. These people can be the foundation and scaffold to supporting your next step to a career utopia

So, don’t put off till tomorrow what you have the ability to change today! The old adage ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ may just be the mantra you need to turn over a new leaf and welcome career rejuvenation!


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