How To Self Tan for Spring Racing

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

With spring just days away, it’s time to think about adding pops of print and colour, raising our hemlines and sporting sleeveless options in our fashion. But, are we body ready for spring? Hmm…

If you are like me and feeling a tad pale, it makes it harder to jump into those spring fashion items, especially for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival, so a self tan can either make or break your look.

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Tan Trends

Gone are the days of a self tan taking over your look, or changing your skin colour so that you are five shades darker. This is not Dancing With The Stars where TV studio lighting make it ok to wear such a strong tan.

We are now in the trend of ‘Skin Finishing’, and that includes taking care of our body’s skin, just like we would our face.


We must exfoliate once a week and moisturise daily for a great skin base. It is essential for makeup looking more natural once applied and same goes for self tan. It’s all about the prep to achieve glowing skin.

Healthy fresh skin can lift any look, using the idea of contouring on our bodies to create the best tone and light reflection possible.

Just like foundation on the face, the body should have highlight and shade and not be the same colour from head to toe.

Shading larger areas to recede and tighten and then using highlights on the frontal parts of the body, to accentuate lift works as a perfect body glow balance when using self-tan products. Adding colour is only one step, adding light completes any look.

Tan Diary

When you know you want to add a self-tan to your look before any big event, it is important to plan ahead. Yes you can slap on some colour the day before, but without the right steps, you may experience patchiness and definitely one that is not long lasting.

Treat your self-tan application, exactly the same, as foundation application and your skin should be ready to accept product applied on top for a smooth, healthy glow.

Here is a step by step for days before your big event:

1. It’s all about the Prep. Moisturise the body as much as you can in the lead up to your tan application. This will ensure skin is soft, smooth and plump; the perfect base for a tan to bond with, just like foundation.


I love to use Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser (RRP $7.99 200ml – $9.99 400ml)

2. The day before your tan application, exfoliate the body and apply any hair removal needed. This is important to allow time for skin to settle and not be too dry or irritated the day of the tan being applied.

ModelCo wipes

The new Model Co Exfoliate Double Sided Body Wipes (RRP $13) have two great features. One side is a shower free alternative to exfoliation for super smooth skin and the other a smooth tan remover! #Love!

3. The day of tan, skin needs to be clean and dry. DO NOT MOISTURISE ENTIRE BODY! Only moisturise dry or rough areas of the skin – feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands – to avoid tan build up on these areas once it has set.

4. When applying a self-tan, always use a mitt for a smoother application. Our hands have little grooves and are not entirely smooth and as flat surface. A mitt however is, and works perfectly to smooth product over the skin streak free. Always start your tan from the feet and work upwards.

A great self tan duo is luxe brand St Tropez. The best thing about it is the no fake tan scent and of course an easy formula to apply.

St Tropez


The St Tropez Express Mousse (RRP $59.95) gives you the option to shower after one hour of application for a light tan, two hours for medium and then three hours or more for a deep glow. Perfect for everyone’s needs.

St Tropez mitt

The St Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt (RRP $11.95) is the perfect companion for applying your tan. Apply to mitt and sweep over skin for a streak and mess free result!

5. After showering, once tan has set/dried, its important to moisturise your body (and for the days to come) to ensure a long lasting colour.

6. Apply a little extra moisturiser as highlight points, where you want light to hit: collar bones, top of shoulders, down the centre bone of arm and the shinbone of the leg, Now you are ready to glow!


Apart from keeping the moisture levels high after application – as this will decrease the dryness that sometimes a self-tan can create – a great idea to keep your self-tan looking fresh, especially for a week as long as Spring Racing week, is a daily gradual tan.

This acts as a daily moisturiser for the body, but also adds a slight glow. Perfect to re-boost your body’s glow when needed.

This is also a great introductory product to someone who is new to tanning or perfect for general daily glow factor when a self-tan is not needed.

Bondi Sands bottle

Try the Bondi Sands Everyday, Gradual Tanning Milk SPF15 (RRP $17.95)

With all these quick self-tan tips, you will always be ready to glow. Happy Spring Everyone!

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