5 Tips To Take Your Business To The World

Do you love to travel but don’t like being absent from the office? You don’t have to be location bound! Travelling with your business invites more possibilities for growth and expansion into new markets. Business leader, Simone Milasas shares how to get the most out of travel.

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Stay in touch whenever you choose to

No one needs to be out of contact with the office nowadays. I always say: ring me whenever you want, text me, skype me. You’ll never disturb me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I don’t expect everyone to know my travel schedule, so my phone is always on except when I sleep.

When you’re in a different country don’t withdraw your energy from your business, or the people you work with. Include your staff in all your choices and give them the green light to take greater responsibility for running things day-to-day. You could end up with a very different business.

If your staff like having you around as the go-to problem solver, use a little manipulation. You could say something like, “I can’t stay in the office all the time if I’m going to expand this business. If that doesn’t work for you I totally understand. Thank you for time and you can move on. Maybe this company is getting too big for what you can handle?”

Use the tax breaks

Travel can be a tax deduction if you’re visiting clientele, doing site inspections, or looking at future venues. You might even want to check out the European market if you’re in fashion.

Get tax savvy and claim all meals and groceries 50 km outside where you live in Australia when you’re on a business trip.

Go global

If you desire clients or customers around the world, place your attention on the entire planet wherever you go. It’s not hard but it took a little while for me to practise. When I became World Wide Coordinator of Access Consciousness® I’d be very aware of Australia when I was in Australia. Then I’d travel to the US and be very aware of the US market. Then Italy and Korea came on board. My desire is to expand Access across the world and every morning I ask myself, who or what requires me today? What country requires me? What could we look at and who could we talk to?

Look after your fitness and wellbeing

When travelling overseas, see if you have enough points to upgrade to business class or buy a business class ticket. You get treated better and by the time you arrive at your destination you’re way fresher.

I’ve Platinum membership with Qantas and Gold with Star Alliance, which means I can go to the airport lounges and get a glass of champagne, or a cup of herbal tea, while I catch up on my emails between flights.

If you start travelling a lot incorporate exercise into your routine. Because I travel 8–10 months I can’t just head for my local gym or only exercise when I’m at home. I’ve downloaded a whole lot of Zumba and yoga apps, so I can do a 20-minute workout whenever I like. Or I just go for a run or a walk and see the sights. I remember going for a run in Rome and seeing all the amazing historical sites that I’d studied at school.

Business is an adventure

Don’t forget to enjoy life and explore. When you travel you discover more about what you’re interested in, you learn about different cultures and see how they function. You could also make contacts and expand your business into different places because you’ve no idea who you’ll meet each day.

Always be aware of what is required in each country, what’s considered polite and what’s going to create more. If you’re in Dubai or Turkey during Ramadan know what’s required. I got into trouble for walking around with a coffee. In certain places you may have to dress more conservatively. If you go to India, Mumbai is more westernised while Delhi is more the traditional.

Business is no longer about having a general meeting each week and targeting a local audience. Travelling will benefit your business by making new contacts, inspiring new ideas and generating new possibilities. Ask yourself, where in the world can I take my business?


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