The Only Workout Routine To Tone Your Arms Once and For All

The pursuit of toned arms is a hot topic for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. We are always searching for ways to conquer the annoying ‘jelly arms’ so to speak. In this article, AUSFIT Torison Bars coach, Camilla Bazley shares with you how to tone them, once and for all!

Firstly, you have to note that having and maintaining toned arms is a lifelong commitment. That’s why number one rule is consistency. You can’t expect to see sustainable results if you can’t stick to a solid arm workout routine. Building and toning muscle requires repetition over a long period of time to maintain definition.

Remember though, it doesn’t all start and end in the gym. Nutrition plays a big part in toning, and changing your cardio to an exercise that also recruits upper body, like swimming, can benefit too!

When training all of my clients to achieve the sculpted arm I like to focus on TUT (Time Under Tension) in my hypertrophy program. The longer a muscle is under load for, the greater the ability to build muscle if this programming is followed consistently. Try follow the below arm program religiously for an 8-12 week period, and see your transformation occur.

Bodyweight or Assisted Dips – 4 x 10

Climb onto the machine by either stepping onto the resistance lever or kneeling on the resistance platform. Grip the parallel bars with your palms facing your body and extend your arms completely. Lower your body down, keeping elbows in, and press back up through your palms to complete the rep. Ensure not to lock your elbows at the top of each rep. Inhale as you lower your body, and exhale as your push your weight back up.

Overhead Plate Tricep Extension – 4 x 15

Holding a plate above your head and keeping elbows inwards, lower the plate behind your head until you feel a deep stretch through the tricep. Once you have reached full range, press the weight back up directly overhead until your arms are fully extended again.

DB Reverse Tricep Kickbacks – 4 x 15 (each arm)

Start off standing alongside a flat bench, bending your left knee and placing it upon the bench, then placing your left hand on the bench for support and keeping your back at a 45 degree angle.
Grab and hold a dumbbell in your right hand and place your right foot on the floor. Bend your right arm and raise it up towards your shoulder, then with a controlled kick back motion, extend your arm fully behind you until you feel a contraction in your tricep muscle. Bring DB back to shoulder in a slow controlled motion to complete rep.


Standing Neutral Grip DB Press x 15

Standing with DB’s on shoulder’s, and palms facing in, press weights smoothly and controlled in an upright direction, keeping elbows in, and lowering back to shoulders . Ensure to keep your scapula’s (shoulder blades), retracted, or ‘back and down’, throughout the movement.

Bent Over Row – 4x 15

From the hips, slightly bend forward ensuring you are engaging your core. You need to slightly tilt your pelvis forward to allow a small dip/curve of the lower back to you are not rounding through the spine. Extend your arms out slightly away from your thighs, and pull weight back in towards your naval, ensuring you squeeze your scapulas together on completion of rep.

Tricep Pushups – 4 x 10

In a push up position on either your toes or knees, place your hands on the ground below your shoulders. Lower your body towards the ground slowly, keeping your elbows in. Once you almost touch the ground, push your body back up, ensuring you keep the elbows in by the body.


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