Does Your Vibe Attract, Distract, Or Plain Repel? How To Vibe High

You may have heard it through new age spirituality or in your latest yoga class (does ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ ring a bell?) but have you ever wondered what your vibe actually is and how powerful it can really be?

By Kirsten Leo, Energy Healer and Psychic Medium

Your personal vibe is really just your own personal energy field. It’s the energy that you subconsciously omit into the world that tells the story of you before you even have a chance to speak.

We are all just systems of energy (stay with me here) vibrating at different frequencies. The frequency at which we vibe is largely dependent on the thoughts we are replaying in our minds, the perspectives through which we view the world (read your attitude) and the clarity of a deeper subconscious system of energy centres that are working in and through us to help guide us on our way. These energy systems are our chakras.

Why is energy important?

Well, the energy we each personally hold will directly affect EVERYTHING we attract into our lives, distract us in our lives and repel from our lives.

Have you ever met a person and just felt amazing in their presence?

Have you met someone and you just can’t quite put your finger on the thing about them that just doesn’t seem quite right?

And what about that person that you just knew straight away were bad news?

I know you have experienced all of the above scenarios – which means you can read energy! In fact, we all can. But what is less obvious to people is the energy which they themselves are emitting in any given moment. When you consider that the energy you omit determines the quality of your experiences and your ability to attract everything you want (rather than blocking it through distracting mis-messages and inauthenticity or repelling what you want through placing protective blocks around yourself) then you can begin to take action so that your personal energy is aligned, clear and ready to receive!

How do you make sure you are vibing high?

Well, you have to make a personal commitment to constantly working on your personal energy field so it is working for you rather than against you. Check-in with yourself and really gauge how you are feeling. We don’t like to face negative thoughts and feelings, but without doing that we are blocking and repelling what we truly want. Here are my top tips on how to do this:

Shift Your Thoughts: sit with yourself either in the morning before you start your day just take a few moments before walking into a potentially personal confronting situation and ask yourself what stories you are telling yourself about the day or the situation.

How can you rephrase your perspective to make it a loving and supportive one rather than a self-sabotaging moment? Such as turning, “I am nervous about my date later on, I’m feeling fat and unattractive” into “I have no idea how this date will go or how he will feel about me – but I’m really interested to see how I feel about him once I spend some time with him” or “I have so much to do today, I already feel exhausted” into “I have a lot on my to-do list, I may not get it all done, but I’m just going  do my best at calmly working through the tasks”

We are not after false shifts in thoughts – our feelings are often really valid and that’s ok, but shifting our thinking slightly to take the focus off low vibe and onto higher vibing perspectives will reverberate though our personal energy.

Move: we can shift our personal energy by getting out of our heads and into our bodies. When you are feeling negative or you’re getting feedback from those around you (like maybe everyone in the office is avoiding you?) go out and walk in nature (otherwise known as grounding; feel yourself supported by the earth and remind yourself of just how much you have to offer and be offered by this world), take your favourite exercise class or drop on that yoga mat. All of these things work wonders in raising your personal energy and make you more of an attractor rather than a repeller.

Get Healed: If you’re really serious about becoming someone with such a powerful personal vibe that you can attract love, money and opportunities with ease then you have to get really serious about your energetic self. This always starts with Chakra clearing and healing. We can do this ourselves but getting the help and guidance of an energetic healer is the quickest and most effective way to understanding the chakra system and how it feels to be in balance and clear of what you’re holding onto.

Remember you and you alone are the determining factor of the quality of your life and the quality of your life directly correlates with the quality of your personal energy. Knowing this – and the tools that can help you keep on track – is the powerful first step in harnessing the highest version of you.

Kristen Leo is an Energy Healer and Psychic Medium from Amala One. She works with clients to tune up and tune into themselves. 

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