How To Wear Makeup Men Love

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Men often say, “I love when you don’t wear makeup”, or “I like it when you are natural…

Nice, but you still want to look your best for date night right? Adding a little Firework to date night can be a little Katy Perry moment when getting ready – Fresh, Feminine, Flirty… the FFF effect works every time!

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Looking natural when wearing makeup is always our goal, but it is also important to know your face and the good points.


Highlight these rather than focusing too much on concealing the not so good areas and you will find your look is balanced, with less focus on the areas you have tried to conceal.

E.g If you know you have small/thin lips, don’t try to wear a bold lip, keep it neutral, a little shine to help the plump, but focus colour on your cheeks and defined eyes instead.

The way you dress on date night can tell a story before you even open your mouth. Do you want to look sexy? Cute? Pretty? Seductive? Goddess? So many choices and that is a personal thing that only you can decide.

My opinion as a makeup artist is to go super cute with the makeup, but then sexy in the outfit – balance is key! If you are all sexy in the dress and then fierce with makeup it might be too much, or send wrong messages if on the first date. Bold lips have been known to put some guys off on date nights as all they think is, I’ll be wearing that lipstick after our kiss!

A fresh lip and cheek, flirty lashes and an overall feminine approach is my pick for date night. #FFF

makeup-men-love-2image via pinterest

Just like these ladies above, a little focus around the lash line and a slight focus to your lip is definitely a FFF moment, so balanced and not overpowering!

Ok, here it is ladies…

Skin = Fresh

As always, skin should look like real skin! Hydrate, prime to smooth and then using minimal foundation to even out your skin tone, not cover.

Choose a foundation that is not too dewy, as you don’t want to look like a hot mess, a guy may mistake this dewy shine as sweaty. The dreaded pimple can always pop up, right on date night!


Don’t try to conceal it too much when applying foundation, wait until your makeup is applied as much as possible (depending on where it is). When you see the pimple all your focus goes to covering it, this can often look overdone or cakey. Often, once your eyes and lips are applied, the focus will then go away from the area you don’t like. Only then conceal, as you wont be as heavy handed, keeping the skin still fresh.

Eyes = Flirty

I love a good lash and date night is all about the lashes and the lash line area in general. This is where his focus will be, your eyes, so don’t overload your eye shadow or choose dark shades with sparkles galore, its just too much to focus on. A little shading in your socket is great for lift, especially if you have a heavy eyelid – a matte, deeper than your skin tone shade will recede the heaviness away, keep it neutral and think of this as a sculpting product.

A soft eye pencil is great to use on the top and lower lash lines, smudged into the sculpting shadow, looking soft, with no harsh lines is best. If you are going to use anything metallic, keep it to a minimum and only on the mobile eyelid or inner corner of eye. And lashes? Take time on them.


When applying your mascara, place your wand at the very base of your lashes, slowly brush through them, with a twist of your wrist – this allows for all of the wand to comb through all your lashes – a slight blink as you comb through really allows for a separated full lash. Repeat and boom, full lashes!

If you apply a false lash, don’t go overboard as can be off putting and a bit drag queen like, enhance your own naturally and that will give a flirty touch to your look.

Lips = Feminine

Usually on date night, a guy wants to kiss his girl…

This means if he sees big bright, glossy lips, this might make him think twice as most men don’t like the thought of lipstick on their lips. A soft, moisturising lip stain or lipstick is best to plump the lip, but not overtake the face!

It is true that blue base red lipsticks can make your teeth look whiter, but maybe save that for another time. I would go for lip shades that are like your natural lip colour, just slightly enhanced – perfect for that feminine touch!

Stay away from bold lip choices, or too matte as lips can look dry and instead opt for a balm, sheer stain option, still drawing attention to the area with a sheen adding plumpness, yet still balanced with your overall look.


Dab a little lipstick you wear on the apple of your cheek to continue the feminine touch to the face – also gives a mini lift!

Some of you may want a little heavier eye; we all know what we like! I love this image below, soft and smokey, yet still with a flirty lash line, keeping the fresh and feminine theme with the skin and lips. I feel for this look, the hair’s best pulled back, hair out could be too much going on and better with a softer look.

makeup-men-love-3image via pinterest


feature image via pinterest 

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