How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight And Belly Fat

When it comes to walking, there is no excuse. It’s not difficult, nor is it high-intensity and most importantly we do it all the time without even thinking we’re exercising. In our busy and fast paced lives it can be difficult to make it to the gym every day,  Stephen Eddey, nutritionist and naturopath shares how walking can help you to lose weight and get rid of that unwanted belly fat.

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1. Aim for around 15,000 steps a day

Before you get scared off and click onto another article. Take a breath… 15,000 isn’t as huge as it sounds. By taking frequent walks this number can easily be met. Researchers have found that a five minute walk every hour can help those looking to burn fat, according to a recent study.

2. Aim for three 20 min walks every day

Whether it’s a quick walk from home to the bus stop, or you totally ditch the bus altogether, it’s a great idea to grab that extra 20 mins of walking wherever possible. Sitting in the office all day can be draining, so why not pop out whenever possible and take a quick break to refresh the mind and get those steps up!

3. Keep an eye on your diet

As much as getting out there and exercising will help you to lose weight and belly fat, we also recommend to focus on eating a healthy and well balanced diet. Take a look at your plate of food – it should contain as many different colours as possible to provide your body with the antioxidants it needs to help fight disease and improve your energy levels.

4. Try an energy supplement like Ubiquinol

Studies show that Ubiquinol may help to power your energy production and protect the body from oxidative stress and inflammation[i]. Ubiquinol is the active form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an antioxidant vital for the functioning of mitochondria which supports energy production in our bodies. A daily supplement is the best way to keep your energy levels at their optimum level, meaning you’ll be ready and raring to jump out of bed that 20 mins earlier and walk to work!




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