How You Can Manifest Your Daily Life Through Physics

If you’ve ever wondered if you can combine ancient wisdom with physics and create breakthroughs in science then you’re onto something. Tao Science is exactly that, we spoke to Quantum Physicist and Spiritual Teacher, Dr Rulin Xiu and got a complete breakdown on Tao Science and how we can manifest it in our daily life.

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RESCU: What is Tao science in layman’s terms?

Dr Rulin Xiu: Tao Science is a science about creation. It teaches how everything is created and how to create and manifest anything in our lives.

Tao Science combines ancient profound Tao wisdom with the mathematic framework developed in quantum physics. It can help solve some major problems in cosmology, astrophysics, quantum physics, string theory, and grand unification theory.

It also brings breakthroughs in life science and medical science. It tells us how sickness, difficulties, and challenges in every aspect of lives, such as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues, are created and how to heal and transform them at the root cause.

Tao Science integrates science and spirituality at the fundamental level. It can tell us in the scientific terms:

– what is spirit or soul,
– what is mind or consciousness,
– how to explain spiritual phenomena,
– what is the higher purpose of life,
– what is the greater potential of our lives,
– how to have spiritual power,
– how to apply spiritual power to heal, transform, or create a life we want or help other to heal and transform their lives.

RESCU: How does understanding and applying quantum physics differ from The Law of Attraction?

Dr Rulin Xiu: Tao Science and its deeper understanding about quantum physics explains in greater detail scientifically how everything is created. It can explain The Law of Attraction scientifically. It can also show us why The Law of Attraction fails for many people, how to make it work 100 percent, and why there is higher purpose and greater possibilities in life than Law of Attraction?

Tao Science reveals that the purpose of life is to develop and enhance positive information to reach the source or our true self. It is not to attract success for ourselves. In reaching the source and our true self we obtain the infinite abundance, wisdom, bliss, love, power, and freedom.

RESCU: What prohibits successful manifestation?

Dr Rulin Xiu: The negative information existing in our vibrational field but unconscious by us prohibits us from successful manifestation.

The negative information is created by the past actions conducted by us, our ancestors, and even descendance. Some of the negative information is unknown to us. We are not aware of them. The hidden negative information prevents us from successful manifesting.

For example, one girl really wants to manifest abundance in her life. But deep inside her, there is negative information that she does not deserve abundance and she is unaware of this deep programing within her. In this case, no matter how hard she works and how many opportunities come to her, in the end, she will not be able to manifest lasting abundance in her life. To change this situation, we need to help her be aware of the hidden negative information and message and transform the negative information into positive information. In this way, the abundance can appear in her life.

RESCU: What is the difference between mind over matter vs manifestation?

Dr Rulin Xiu: Mind over matter and manifestation is different level of wisdom.

Mind over matter suggests that mind controls the matter. This is true. However, there is deeper and higher wisdom.

Manifestation indicates that there is a source. This source has created everything for us. We simply manifest things from this source. Manifestation shows us how much we are loved, protected, and supported by the source. Love, abundance, bliss, and peace is the deeper truth and nature of life. The more we know and feel the love from the source, the more love, abundance, joy, and peace we can manifest to the world.


Join Dr Rulin Xiu in her meditation below.


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