The Role Of Prebiotics and Probiotics In Skincare

From kombucha to capsules to snacks, the gut-loving benefits of probiotics have infiltrated almost every aisle of the grocery store and our tummies couldn’t be happier about it.

More recently, probiotics have started popping up in the beauty floor and, being the skincare enthusiasts we are, we (cue Carrie Bradshaw voice) couldn’t help but wonder, what place do these inner-health good guys have in our skincare regimen?

Your Skin’s Microbiome

That’s right, your skin has its very own microbiome, just like the gut. This natural bacterial ecosystem is carefully modulated to help your skin remain in a Goldilocks state  — not too dry, not too oily, just right. The good bacteria (probiotics) in this equation act as a shield against the bad bacteria to prevent an immune reaction that could present itself as inflammation, redness or premature ageing, while protecting against environmental aggressors.

If that’s all a little too science class for you, know this: Probiotics are the superheroes that keep your skin healthy, balanced and beautiful. If you’re prone to redness, irritation and breakouts, it’s likely that your skin’s microbiome is off-balance and you don’t have enough of those good guys on your side. Thankfully, Elizabeth Arden have a simple skincare solution that will bring back the balance to promote skin health that shows, but more on that later…

Probiotics + Prebiotics in Skincare

 At this point, you might be asking yourself why we need probiotics in our skincare if they are being produced naturally. Just as our diets and lifestyle factors have messed with our gut’s inner balance, our modern lifestyle, harsh cleansers or soaps, and environmental factors have stripped the skin of the good bacteria that keeps our skin’s vitality intact. Probiotic skincare products help your skin balance its pH and rebuild natural defenses, promoting calmer skin, less flare ups, and a healthy glow.

Given probiotics are living microorganisms, it’s not that surprising that they need a little fuel to stay alive and thriving. Enter Prebiotics: The carbohydrate building blocks that provide the good microflora on your skin with the fertilizer they need to double down on their duties and maximise the benefits to you.

A Superstart for your skin’s microbiome

Elizabeth Arden’s Superstart range is comprised of three unique, probiotic and prebiotic enriched products that work holistically to optimize the skin’s microflora, restoring the healthy look of your skin’s essential surface layer and fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew.

Elizabeth Arden Cleanser

First up is the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser — a luxurious whipped mousse cleanser that transforms into a mineral-rich clay to purify, prep, and infuse the skin with protective probiotics. If your skin’s suffered from harsh, oil-stripping cleansers in the past, this will offer much-needed relief, helping to gently rinse away debris and impurities

without disrupting the microflora balance.

As the next-step after cleansing, the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster is enriched with a probiotic complex, botanical glasswort extract, sea fennel, and flaxseed to reinforce the integrity of the skin’s barrier. In a clinical trial, 92% of women agree that the Superstart Skin Renewal Booster helps repair the look and feel of damaged or irritated skin and 86% of women saw more radiant skin.

Elizabeth Arden Booster

Finally, the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask is a once-a-week treat that cools the skin while providing it with a super dose of two times the powerful probiotic blend featured in the Superstart Skin Renewal Booster.
This ultra-concentrated treatment includes a bonus ingredient — hyaluronic acid — to lock moisture into the skin.

Elizabetha Arden Mask

It is ideal for all skin types, but if your skin has suffered from dryness, stress, sensitivity, or redness, this triple-threat will get to the root of the problem and work to restore and rebuild your skin’s natural ecosystem, giving you back the calm, clear and beautiful skin you were born to have.


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