Italian Meringue Marshmallow Recipe

The humble egg. It’s versatile, delicious and can be whipped up with just about anything. leading chef, Mitch Orr’s fun recipe encompassing fresh Australian eggs- suitable for any season and can even be moulded into a sweet recipe with just 5 ingredients!

Via: Australian Eggs

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 2 hours (to set in fridge)


– 2 gelatine leaves, bloomed (soaked in cold water for 5-10 minutes to soften)
– 50g water
– 100g water
– 200g sugar
– 100g egg whites

Mitch’s tip: The marshmallow only has five ingredients so you can’t go wrong! The great thing is, you can flavour it with absolutely anything before setting the mixture: If you’re after a sweet treat, add cinnamon, cocoa or coconut or spice up your desserts with added marshmallow and Sichuan pepper. 


1) Place the 100g water and 200g sugar in a pot, making sure they’re combined.

2) Over high heat, heat the sugar until 121 degrees. Use a food thermometer to check the water temperature. 

3) Place the egg white in a stand mixer with the whisk attachment. 

4) When the sugar reaches 118 degrees begin whisking the egg whites on high speed. 

5) The whites should be starting to aerate and fluff up by the time the sugar reaches 121 degrees. 

6) Turn the speed down a little once egg white are fluffed up and  start pouring the sugar into the whisking egg whites in a steady stream. 

7) Keep the whites whisking once all the sugar has been added. This is known as Italian meringue. 

8) Dissolve the bloomed gelatine in the 50g of water. 

9) Pour the gelatine water into the meringue. 

10) Whisk on low to medium speed until marshmallow cools to room temp. It should be smooth and shiny. 

11) You can now pipe the marshmallow mix or set it in a tray to cut later.

Mitch’s Tip: Have fun with them and don’t worry if you don’t own a blow torch, pop them under the grill to give them some colour and they’re great for s’mores.

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