Why Today’s Full Moon Eclipse Is EXTRA Awesome

Astrologer, Yasmin Boland says this Week’s Full Moon Is Extra Awesome; It’s a Full Moon, a Blood Moon (because it’s also a Lunar Eclipse), and it’s a Supermoon…

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Are you ready? Coming at the start of the year as it does, this week’s Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is a gift to anyone out there who wants to create their own reality.

How so?

Because one of the secrets of manifesting that few people talk about is the fact that you have to be emotionally clear to do good manifesting. It’s just the way it works.

Note this is not about karma, per se. You could have a mass killer who thought he or she had done the right thing and they would be able to manifest well.

Here’s why:

1. For an energetic clear out

Although we do Moon manifesting and make wishes at New Moon, if we are not energetically clear, they will go nowhere fast. We have to be as emotionally clear as we can be and that means working on ourselves in the form of forgiveness of ourselves and others. The Full Moon is this time to do this clear out. Why? Because…

2. We can feel all our feelings at the Full Moon

That’s why the ER nurses worry, that’s why crime goes up, that’s why people are said to go loony. Because we feel all our feels as the Moon swells to fullness. And once we do that…

3. We can release resistance at the Full Moon

Once we start to work with the Full Moon and allow ourselves to feel all our feelings (which come up anyway at this time of the month) we start to get some kind of INSIGHT into who we are and what are hang ups are. Once we do that, we start to know ourselves better and can start to see where we are resisting releasing our dramas and thus blocking our ability to manifest.


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