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Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

jennifer-hawkins-myerWho doesn’t love and appreciate true homegrown talent? Our Jennifer Hawkins is one very successful woman; Brand Ambassador, Model, TV Presenter, Entrepreneur and now wife, she certainly knows how to keep busy and look good doing it and it’s no surprise we all want in on Jennifer Hawkins beauty secrets!

I have worked with Jennifer over the years, mainly through MYER, applying makeup for certain events and yes, she is as stunning in the flesh as we all get to see on TV and in magazines.
Most Celebrities know that their body/looks/image is a business – you need to look after it and treat it like an instrument.
Celebrities are also very lucky to work with the best in the business; they are therefore introduced to some amazing techniques, products and general knowledge about health and well being, all relating to beauty.

Like most celebrities, Jen does have a signature look; one we all recognize and can aspire too in our own beauty routine.
Their look becomes their brand and very rarely do they change it up, especially with makeup.
After having their makeup applied so many times, celebrities learn what suits them and for some it is dark eyes, or a bright/bold lip and for Jen, we see a trend with strong brows, neutral shades with high contouring and a fresh tone, often peach cheek. Occasionally we see a little more sultry eyes on Jen, using a liner smudged around the lash lines, but very rarely do we see a bold lip.

Jen knows all about good skin prep! This means you can use less foundation so your skin has a realistic, second skin approach.

MB Pro Tip – I always mix a little serum into my foundation to start my application! This gives my base a chance to spread very easily over the skin, not drying to quickly so I can build the coverage when needed and feed that little extra moisture to the skin to stop foundation disappearing during the day.


Jen’s skin has a beautiful glow, yes from her own looked after complexion, but also a water base, light reflecting foundation.
To get the same effect for you, I would suggest the Chanel VitaLumiēre Foundation (RRP$86.00)
This is full of hydration, medium coverage and gives the skin a glow that looks as if it is lit from within.
Sweeping with a foundation brush from the centre outwards will give a natural finish, no lines around the edge of the face and then dabbing or using the brush in a press and roll action, will give you more coverage on those areas that are of a concern.

We see Jen mainly when walking a Red Carpet, or in her starring roles at any given Myer Fashion Launch and now as Host on Australia’s Next Top Model.
This means her beauty look requires a little contouring and to do that, we need a good bronzer.
Preferably matte so the depth of the shade can recede, and then lift areas to give the face shape and structure – this is my personal secret weapon as for any face it can enhance or even correct features to bring out the best face possible.

Any area of the face that you apply the bronzer, mainly under cheek bones and in the eye socket area can then look stronger instantly and yes, it is also good as a general face glow for that ‘healthy’ look – but always apply some to the back of the hand before the face, otherwise you may have a little too much pigment showing, no one wants to look dirty!

Guerlain_4SeasonsI’m in love with the Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer (RRP$110)
It has 4 different shades in the one compact so you can sweep all 4 together on the brush to get a really natural contour and not such an obvious application.

Now Jen wears eye makeup well…
We mainly see Jen sporting some earthy, bronze tones and keeping the shade choices neutral, but this doesn’t mean we cannot get those sexy eyes- the chocolate tones are great for around the lash line to give a smokey look, but without being to dark and sparkly.
Keeping it simple is often the best way to wear a smokey eye well.
We are definitely seeing less of the grey, silver and even black smokey eyes as they are not as natural looking as neutral shades used as a smokey look.
Depth can still be created from neutrals, but it doesn’t appear to be just eye shadow stuck on an eyelid like some of the granite and black shades do.

TomFord_CognacPaletteMy fave neutral palette to re-create Jens look, mainly because it has a great mix of matte vs. sheen finishes, is from Tom Ford Cognac Sable Palette (RRP $100)
The tones are so perfect for the most natural daytime look or using the deeper shades, especially around the lash lines to create depth.
The Bottom left shade has a soft metallic finish, which is perfect for applying over the other neutral shades in the centre of the mobile eyelid to lift the area or even as a natural wash across the lid when you only have time for one shade.

With that glowing skin we know and love from our Jen, then adding some sultry neutral shade eyes, we now need to create the fresh glow we see on the lip and cheeks.
We have seen many fresh style lip shades worn on Jen over the years from nude, to peach and even some fresh soft rose pink shades.
My favorite on Jen is a slight peach shade; this is different to coral as that tone can be much brighter! Imagine the coral shade got mixed with some cream, it would dilute it down to make the perfect peach.
Peach works so well on Jen as it adds colour to her golden glowing skin and lighter blonde hair working well alone as a feature to freshen the look or teamed with a darker eye where it becomes a balancing shade giving the eyes more focus.

MB PRO TIP – A great creamy peach lipstick can really suit any skin tone…
If you have redness it is better than pink.
If you are an olive skin it freshens and adds colour in the same colour family than going to bold or too flat with a nude.

Some women love a nude lip, but some are just to dull and it does nothing for them. When this happens, I generally go a peach.

YSL-RougePurCoutureI love the YSL Rouge Pur Couture (RRP $50)
Great shade, beautiful texture and wears so well during the day or night as it has a creamy texture to bond onto your own lips.

I have lately been loving a little lippy on the cheeks, almost as a cream blush and this lipstick is great for this, as it is not to glossy which can be sticky or to frosted which can not look right on the cheeks.
With the contouring and cheekbone defined by applying bronzer, it is only the apples of the cheeks that need a little colour.
Smile and find your apple of the cheek (the plump part of the cheek) then relax the face and apply a little dab on that area and massage in, it is that simple!

So ladies, get your Jen look by keeping tones neutral, dress them up when necessary or keep them soft.
Your skin should be a big focus with a high glow and contouring to sculpt..
Beautiful makeup does start with beautiful skin, so keep up your hydration in your skincare routine too!

Watch our interview with Jennifer Hawkins for more of her beauty secrets and hair tips…

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