Jennifer Hawkins’ Day on a Plate and Favourite Superfoods

Ever wondered what supermodel Jennifer Hawkins eats to get a body that good and skin that glowing? We chatted to the star to get the skinny on superfoods, cheat meals, beauty smoothies and the question on everyone’s mind; what does Jennifer Hawkins’ day on a plate look like?

jen-hawkinsimage via @jenhawkins_ instagram

RESCU: What does Jennifer Hawkins’ day on a plate look like?

Jennifer Hawkins: So, if I’m coming up to a shoot or something, I’ll have two eggs poached on brown rice with olive oil and avocado. I’ll have a coffee, which is a long black, as well as a juice. The juice might have celery. mint, ginger, two lemons because I love it with a zing, and I’ve been using a Bioglan Kale Powder. It’s not available yet but will be soon so it’s great for people who can’t afford bunches of kale.

I have one apple, I try to keep the fruit minimal, and I’ll have that late morning or as an afternoon snack. For lunch I’ll have a wrap or brown rice if I’m at home or on set.
Then in the afternoon I’ll have a juice or a handful of nuts.

For dinner I’m varied. I might go out and have fish or some fresh vegies. I’ll try to stay away from chicken because I get bored! Jake and I cook at home about twice a week; I’ll cook lamb mince and a big bunch of broccoli with beautiful pasta sauce with lots of chili on brown rice. Jake will cook up a barbecue or something the other day.

RESCU: Are you a cook? Or do you have someone come in and prepare some meals for you?

Jennifer Hawkins: It’s either myself, or Jake or we go out to dinner. We keep it kind of simple and enjoy quite healthy food but if I’m having an off day I’ll cheat! When my family was over they all had pizza and I was like “Oh my God, this is torture!”, so I just had one piece. Then I had a salad on the side to feel like I wasn’t being naughty! I’ll have a glass of red wine every now and again too.

RESCU: Do you have a sweet tooth or an indulgence to satisfy cravings?

Jennifer Hawkins: Yeah, I’ll have a craving every now and then! I might have chocolate covered pretzels, or go to the movies and have popcorn. I love Saladas, with peanut butter and honey. That’s probably my little sweet treat with a cup of tea or something.

RESCU: What’s your cheat meal? Is there something you might have once in a blue moon?

Jennifer Hawkins: I’ll go out I think either for French cuisine and have a burgundy wine with it, or Ill have Italian – so, pasta with olive oil. I love olive oil. I think it’s the best thing for your skin and I add it to everything. I’ll have beautiful pasta that’s high in good fats, with bread on the side.

kale-chipsimage via pinterest

RESCU: What super foods do you always have in your house?

Jennifer Hawkins: Well, I do have the kale. I’m juicing a lot at the moment. I go through fads and that’s what I’m doing now.

RESCU: Cold press or centrifuge?

Jennifer Hawkins: I have a cold press juicer so I juice myself. I find that really good. Slower but very good. I also have coconut oil because I use that for hair treatments and eat it as well. Chia seeds and oats, acai berry as well with oats, and also Bioglan has a fibre plus which is amazing for your digestive system every now and again, so I have that quite often.

RESCU: Do you have a secret beauty smoothie?

Jennifer Hawkins: I would say having two lemons a day really alkalises your body. That’s really great for your skin.

RESCU: When did you start thinking about superfoods and really consciously incorporating super foods into your diet?

Jennifer Hawkins:  You start to educate yourself on what foods are good for your energy levels, but then Bioglan, they started introducing superfoods and I was testing them for them and testing certain ones, and then it becomes habit. If you don’t have them in your diet you feel bad and you notice the difference. So I would say three years all up. But then I was sort of doing that anyway because I was already eating healthy.

RESCU: How do you kind of do the healthy thing when you’re in a hotel room or you’re on the road or you’re on a shoot?

Jennifer Hawkins: Well that’s why I love promoting Bioglan for people. It’s easy to travel with. If you’ve got your powders all sealed up, they’re inexpensive, so you can leave them overseas if you want to or just take it with you. I have my little vitamin bag, and you can just make it part of your routine. You have your coffee, you have your breakfast, you have your vitamins, you have your superfoods. Then it’s just habit.  I think that’s the biggest key.

RESCU: Do you believe in detoxes?

Jennifer Hawkins: Yeah I’ll have a healthy eating kick like if I’ve been on a holiday and I’ve had a glass of wine and this and that. I’ll kick in and just go into a fad like “OK I’m juicing everyday and having lemon in water everyday”. I set myself goals and I think when you do that you have to stick to it, it’s like a plan. It’s much easier to stick to it when you do that.


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