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JESINTA CAMPBELLJesinta Campbell along with Georgia May Jagger have been announced as the ambassadors for 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty. This year will be the seventh year for 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty and attracting local personality Jesinta Campbell aims to help grow Australia’s largest consumer fashion and beauty event. One of the highlights of this years event has six magazines collaborate with six Australian designers to create limited edition garments to auction. The money raised will go to a charity of the magazines’ choice. We sat down with Jesinta Campbell to talk about her diet, beauty tips, personal style and success at just 22 years old.

RESCU: We imagine you must have one crazy schedule right now! We know it’s not always easy to maintain a healthy diet when you’re always on the go. What’s your day on a plate like?
Jesinta Campbell: My schedule is hectic at the moment! I have to eat really healthy or ill get run down. I eat lots of vegetables, snack on fruits and nuts. Yoghurt, porridge and fresh juices for breakky and chicken stirfrys for dinner or fish and salads for dinners.

RESCU: And your workout routine? How do you stay motivated?
Jesinta Campbell: I love to exercise. Ill go for a run most mornings, I live near the beach so I run along the shoreline most mornings. It’s the best start to my day.

RESCU: You’ve recently turned 22 (happy birthday!) and have already achieved so much. What’s your secret to success?
Jesinta Campbell: Thank you! Sometimes I look back and wonder how I’ve managed to fit it all in!! I love what I do and I am not afraid of hard work, if you want something bad enough you have to be willing to go the extra mile and work hard to achieve your goals. Life is about making the most of every opportunity and also creating opportunity for yourself…your dreams want come looking for you, you’ve got to be prepared to chase them.

RESCU: What are your makeup bag must-haves?
Jesinta Campbell: Pawpaw, Tom Ford Bronzer, a good mascara and a great moisturizer.

RESCU: You always look so glowing! Can you share some of your skincare secrets with us?
Jesinta Campbell: Lots of water and always wash your make up off before you go to bed!!

RESCU: Tell us a little about your off-duty style
Jesinta Campbell: Gym gear! Or leather pants, a great white T, converse and a good blazer!

RESCU: When it comes to red carpet events, what do you look for in a dress?
Jesinta Campbell: Something that I feel good in! Confidence comes when you feel good. I always go for something that makes me feel really special.

RESCU: What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
Jesinta Campbell: “When it comes to matters of importance style is everything!” I always think that when you dress the part you’ll look the part…

RESCU: Tell us a little about your involvement with 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty
Jesinta Campbell: I am super excited about my role with 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty! It’s about celebrating the best things across fashion and beauty with some of the best magazines in the country! Ill be attending special events throughout the month and getting involved with as many of the workshops and proceedings as possible! Can’t wait for a month of fun!!

RESCU: What’s next for Jesinta Campbell?
Jesinta Campbell: I’ve just signed up to Dancing with the Stars which is consuming so much of my time – the rehearsals are grueling especially for someone with no dance experience!! I am working on some exciting new business ventures and have a busy end of the year shooting and working with ASICS, Wonderbra, Crown and Jeep!

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