Joh Bailey’s Advice On The Hair Adornment Trend

By Joh Bailey, Hair & Grooming Expert

Hair adornment is a great way to revive your look and add that extra touch of individuality. RESCU took advice from our resident hair expert Joh Bailey on how to work different styles of hair adornment for Spring.

The latest hair trend- adornment

Lately the runway shows have revealed that hair adornment is going to be a huge look for Spring. From wearing a headscarf to a more daring look, such as embellished hair pieces, this popular trend is easy to wear if you follow some key rules.

How to perfect this look without looking childlike

I think it’s important to borrow from the runway looks but not try and copy them completely. The runway is a nod towards a look, but not something you would entirely want to copy. In saying that, this trend is also a very personal thing and some people can carry off a runway look everyday. So, to interpret it right for you, it’s just a matter of wearing the right head scarf or the right adornment, and importantly, choosing where you will wear it.

What hairstyles this trend suits best

There isn’t one particular hair style that the hair adornment trend suits best. It actually works well on both short and long hair styles. But a key point to remember, is to not allow hair and accessories to compete- they should work well together.

Where to shop for the hair adornment trend

I don’t think you can ever go past a Hermes scarf. You can do so many different amazing things with something key like that. But, good news for most of us, you can also get the look from stores like Sportsgirl or Diva.

Image credit: and Louis Vuitton

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