Keeping Your Skin And Hair Hydrated With One Key Ingredient

Finding the right ingredients for your hair and your skin can be an overwhelming task, especially with the endless choices of products launching weekly and new studies. With anything in life, there are different opinions, experts and different experiences you hear which can sometimes cloud your decision when making a choice and finding a product or an ingredient that works for you and that you genuinely enjoy. Natura Siberica Spokesperson, Sarah Dodaro shares how you can keep your skin and hair looking fabulous all year round.

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When it comes to hydration of the skin and hair there is one significant factor that needs to be remembered: our hair and skin change seasonally, the shift between warm and cool months can sometimes cause damage to the texture of the hair and skin which can also affect its appearance. Particularly in the cooler months our hair and skin may feel dry, brittle and hydrated due to the winds and drop in temperature. Keeping this in mind when selecting a product for hydration its best to look past all the pretty packaging and dive deeper in the main ingredients and how your body can benefit from its properties.

Finding one ingredient that both your hair and skin can benefit from throughout the entire year, no matter what season is both cost effective, time effective and convenient. To help you along your selection journey we have found an ingredient sourced from the depths of Siberia which offers unique hydrating properties that might just be the next hydration station for your hair and skin beauty routines.

Altai Sea Buckthorn (also known as Hippophae Rhamniodes) is sourced from Transbaikalia,

Altai and the Sayans. Since ancient times the medicinal properties of sea-buckthorn were used for healing and health. This plant is sourced for the oil which is known to have a handful of unique benefits both for our health and in recent times for beauty now too.

This plant is unique in the sense that the Vitamin C contained in its fruits does not collapse in environmental pressure including heat and ice. With its high levels of Vitamin C this ingredient offers numerous skin benefits including strengthening the surface of the skin, regeneration processes of fading scars and increasing the tone of our skin. Sea Buckthorn the one ingredient full of high strength Vitamin C is not only great for our skin but our hair and scalp can benefit from its unique properties also. The juice found in this unique ingredient may assist with the overall condition of the hair, prevention of hair loss and even eliminating fragility and dryness.

Although Sea Buckthorn is a great ingredient that has the properties to hydrate both our skin and hair, keeping your body hydrated with fluids is also vital and should be part of your daily routine. Constant water intake may help reduce the signs of ageing and might assist in the overall appearance of the skins texture. Eating certain type of foods that are rich in healthy fatty acids such as olive oil, avocado, salmon and nuts can additionally assist in helping hydration reach your hair.

Finding products that contain a unique ingredient such as Sea Buckthorn might sound tough however, there are collections available online and in selected Australian stores. Choosing an ingredient which promotes skin elasticity and overall hydration can be an investment in ensuring your hair and body are protected in the coolest of months and in the hottest of months.


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