What Happens When 10 Readers Trialled A Cult Moisturiser

With a legendary reputation unmatched by any other beauty brand, RESCU was curious to discover if La Mer’s moisturizing range available in five textures could live up to it’s every promise by putting it through the paces of reality.

What better way to test the Miracle Broth than by inviting 10 real women in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties to trial the cult moisturisers over a four-week period?

We sought to unmask the truth of the iconic cream and discover if the Miracle Broth could stand the harsh realities of the Australian climate and deliver its promise of transformed, replenished and restored skin to real women.


Our reader reviews are in and the results are truly incredible.


Here’s what they had to say after 4 weeks of using a La Mer moisturiser:

100% agree that their skin felt more moisturised

100% agree that their lines and pores appeared less visible

100% agree that their skin felt smoother and softer

100% agree that redness and irritation was minimised

100% agree their skin feels more radiant after the four weeks of using La Mer moisturisers


What is the Miracle Broth?

The iconic brand have formulated the legendary Miracle Broth, enriched with healing properties and vitamins to turn back the years, leaving skin looking virtually ageless.

Providing skin with powers of transformation for utmost hydration, the moisturisers are jam-packed with healing properties that completely transform, replenish and restore skin.

The result? In a short time, fine lines, wrinkles and pores become less visible and skin becomes firmer, rejuvenated and radiant.


What are your texture preferences?

The La Mer Moisturizing range provide the same benefits and come in a range of textures. Do you prefer a rich cream texture? A smooth weightless cream? Or an ultra-light gel texture? What are your skin needs? Ultimate hydration? Softening of fine lines? Soothing of redness? Increased radiance?


What are your skin needs?

The iconic brand has created four different moisture textures, each with the same formula including the Miracle Broth and skincare benefits; no matter your skin type, skin concern or texture preference.


Here’s what 10 real women have to say about La Mer’s moisturisers after just four weeks:


Crème de La Mer

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The biggest difference from before the trial and after the four weeks of using La Mer is the really soft look of my skin. It feels and looks really hydrated, and my pores are less visible. The redness around my cheeks has also toned down, and skin continues to look more even. The rich cream leaves my skin feeling dewy and radiant.” – Kate


“I have very much enjoyed my experience of using the La Mer products over the last 4 weeks. I have found the moisturiser to have a rich, luxurious texture. My skin feels soft, hydrated, firmer and brighter. I have really started to see a difference with my skin. I love the richness of the moisturiser and the application method ensures my skin gains maximum benefits.” – Susan


“After 4 weeks of using Crème de la Mer I would have to say this is possibly the best moisturising cream I have ever used. My skin took a couple of weeks to adjust to the richness but now it is clear, plump, glowing and totally hydrated. I’m not sure I will be able to use anything else after finding this cream! It will be worth every penny!” – Rebecca


“Over the past 4 weeks I have been using the La Mer product the outcome has been surprising. I had read vast reviews before I started and of course coming from a sales background very on the results and comments. I would have to say my skin has changed texture from tight, dry and stressed to youthful, supple and really soft with very few lines now showing. My skin feels smoother and soother and the complex and colour of my skin is much more youthful and creamy.” – Alex


This was probably the best my skin has looked through skincare products. And I’m so thrilled. My skin was calmer, smoother and firmer over time. Most importantly, as a woman, I felt better and looked better. And I was told so and complimented numerous times on my “ clear complexion” that is not something I would have expected but is a very welcome compliment and for me, is the ultimate compliment to your skin care regime.– Zara


The Moisturising Soft Lotion

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“My skin felt softer and firmer over time, by that I mean my face had a softer appearance, mainly due to the way that my fine lines and pores have diminished. In fact people have started to notice, and are asking what skincare I use! Generally I’m looking radiant these days, La Mer has certainly worked wonders, and seems to have sorted what are always my key concerns. My skins looks and feels softer, refreshed, and I am thrilled with all the changes that are happening over such a short period of time. I’m so impressed with The Moisturising Soft Lotion. – Angela


The Moisturising Gel Cream

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“My skin is healthier, with a brighter and fresher look. My complexion has evened out and my skin is easier to maintain when exercising and wearing makeup, especially with how light the texture is. I also find even when there are blemishes it is less noticeable. I especially love the velvet-like finish because my skin is not oily and shiny.” – Rachael



The Moisturising Soft Cream

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“ The moisturiser is rich, delicate and non-greasy in texture, making it easy to apply. It also spreads nicely with stretching the skin and absorbed nicely. I suffer from quite dry skin and my skin was left feeling perfectly moisturised, hydrated and luminous throughout the day even under makeup.” – Sandra


“My skin felt extremely moisturised and plumped up over the course of the trial. I sometimes suffer with dry/flaky patches on my face but this seemed to clear up after using the product for two weeks. My skin feels so soft and full. I will be sticking with The Moisturising Soft Cream; it is the perfect texture for my skin. My skin is glowing and the texture is so smooth. I am not wearing make up today and my skin is clear and radiant. I have been so happy with the results on my skin, I will continue to use these products and am eager to experiment with additional La Mer products too.” – Justine


“My skin definitely feel’s more radiant than when I began this trial, the tone is more even and balanced and the overall finish on my skin is silky smooth. I am definitely a believer! These products work!” – Nicky


Discover more of La Mer’s iconic products by clicking through the gallery here

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