Should You Bring Toys Into The Bedroom?

It’s a brave new world in intimate aids – and Lady Friday’s here to tell you all the ways to toy with your partner.

Look, plain vanilla two-bodies-and-some-messy-sheets bedroom fun is great. If anybody ever bans it I will be first in the protest march.

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However, sometimes it’s good to switch it up and add something extra into the mix. Still, there’s a bit of a problem. If you look into the range of bedroom toys out there, the sheer variety can be slightly overwhelming – and oriented towards one-person fun.
Not true. Here are RESCU’s top tips for bringing toys into the bedroom – whatever the gender of the participants.

(Note: all products are suggestions only. Always shop around to find something you’re comfortable with, fitting both your budget and your lifestyle.)

If your partner’s the kind who likes watching you writhe, look into remote-controlled vibrators, with a separate control console. (The Cry Baby is an elite version, but there are plenty of cheaper ones.) You and your partner can take turns controlling the other’s fun – without even touching, which is sexy enough on its own.

There are all sorts of shapes and sizes available – eggs give different sensations to bullets, for example.  If you can, find a wireless version, to give yourselves more freedom in bed.

Same concept, different execution: look into Ben Wa Balls, a beautifully intimate and stylish toy. The pressure of the balls inside and outside, especially when they come with a vibrating function, are an excellent way for partners to stimulate one another.

An interesting product on the market is the drily-named ‘dual stimulator’, or ‘couple’s ring’ (see the Rampant Rabbit’s version here). The name belies something very exciting – it slips easily around the man’s shaft, with a little attachment for your clitoral pleasure. Most have a small battery implanted, so they vibrate. More fun for everyone!
Mini vibrators can be tons of fun in the bedroom – and not just for you. Running them up and down your partner’s sensitive areas – nipples, neck, insides of thighs – can drive them completely wild.
A tip: find one with a variety of different pulse settings, hold it softly against your partner’s genitals with your hands during foreplay (this works particularly well on dudes), and watch them gasp.

Alternatively, seek out some finger vibes (which attach to the finger, obviously). Wear one or two on each hand, and go exploring in two or three places at once, to intensify sensation.

Vibrators can also work well during the act itself. If you’re with a guy and feeling adventurous, not to mention extremely relaxed, suggest the porn-worthy ‘double insertion’ – both them and the toy inside you. This may require some lubrication, but it’s worth it – for everybody.
(There are actually products which are designed for this, but unless it’s a regular part of your repertoire you may as well stick with common-or-garden vibrators.  However, if you’re curious and willing to pay for quality, your best bet is probably the We-Vibe, a toy designed to be worn by the woman during sex to stimulate both partners.)

With a woman, and wanting something more interesting than normal? Try the Feeldoe, or one of its equivalents – a couples’ toy which allows pleasure to both parties (which is often a neglected part of strap-on designs). With a bulb for your pleasure, it’s excellent fun.

A practical note: always be careful if using sex toys on both partners, particularly if they’re accessing intimate areas. Wash in between, otherwise you’re at risk of a UTI. Which is pretty much the least sexy thing in the world.

Lady Friday xx 

Taking pillow talk out of the bedroom, every Friday…

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