6 Tips To A Sizzling Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is supposed to be the hottest time of your life – but many fail to meet expectations. Here are Lady Friday’s tips to make it a time to remember…

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Don’t stress too much about the wedding night.

Chances are, you’ll have gotten busy before. Even so, the pressure to make wedding night romps a first-time-all-over-again experience, full of romance and multiple orgasms, can be fairly intense.

However, reality has to kick in. Chances are you’ll both be exhausted, adrenalin-pumped and emotionally drained after a day-long party, continual attention, stress, tears and very little down time.

Don’t up the pressure by demanding a perfect sexual experience on top of a perfect wedding day – it’s not fair to either of you. Now you’ve got your whole lives ahead to get busy!

Take along surprises.

If you’re going on holiday, pack things you know your partner is going to like, and encourage them to do the same. This is the time, private and away from distractions, to indulge in some experimentation and real indulgence.

Full-body massage oils, blindfolds, vibrating rings, waterproof toys – have fun. Just don’t put any of them on the wedding registry, and take out all the batteries before you go through Customs (trust us on this one).


You are not a rabbit. Neither is your partner. You can’t have sex 24 hours a day, and chances are that if you do, you’re going to drive each other completely mad.

Take along material that’ll completely de-stress you and bring you closer while having fun – board games, fun things to see while you’re holidaying, sporting activities that will raise your adrenalin and make you both raring to go later.

Give your bodies plenty of time to recharge – and enjoy this time to completely enjoy one another, at your own pace.

Share fantasies.

If you’ve been shy before, now is the private time to share private fantasies about the bedroom. Talking can stimulate more erogenous zones than you’d imagine, and talking dirty without the fear of being overheard is a massive aphrodisiac

. It’s not even about acting them out if you don’t want to – just give each other the giggles and open up discussions for your sex life in the future. And if you just happened to bring along a Superman cosplay outfit, so be it.

Go slow.

Varying the temperature and speed of your intimacy on a honeymoon is a great way to keep it fresh. With time ahead of you, study some Tantric moves: work on keeping each other aroused for as long as possible, without going for the big O madly and sweatily.

Give each other massages, only allow a fraction of your partner inside you at a time, keep things excruciatingly and calmingly slow – and then speed up when you feel like you have the energy to stop being lazy.

Go into the water – but be safe.

Illicit intimacy in honeymoon resorts? That’s basically what they’re built for. If you can’t find a lagoon or a deserted beach to get intimate, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Be brave, a little dangerous and spontaneous – just don’t break the law, or at least overtly.

And be sensible – no sex in the water after dusk, no public places in super-religious countries, and no dabbling in unclean water. Nobody wants a UTI on a honeymoon.


Lady Friday xxx

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