Hot And Sweaty: How To Keep The Bedroom Rocking During Summer

It might seem like a terrible time to jump into bed – sweaty, intensely bright, hopelessly overheated – but it turns out Aussie summer can be a really good time for you to get intimate.  Lady Friday has all the science…

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Australian summer is notoriously blistering – and, unfortunately, not in the bedroom.

Who hasn’t spent their time under cold showers and introduced ice cubes as foreplay just to cool down?

However, it turns out that summer heat is actually a boost rather than a downer for the body’s libido and intimacy drive. People react to heat and cold differently, but it’s not just snuggling up against winter cold that raises the heart rate.

Firstly, libido is positively affected by sunlight. It’s one of the plus sides of being in a very bright place. While many women would shrink from being overly exposed to Aussie sunlight in the bedroom (don’t be afraid! Celebrate what you’ve got!), it turns out that a little extra Vitamin D is in fact a massive boost to the libido.

Sunlight helps in serotonin production – that chemical which prevents depression and stabilises mood. It also, handily enough, has a direct influence on how aroused you get.

So a bit of sunbathing (with sunblock, of course) isn’t just good for raising your mood, it’ll boost your arousal, too.

Bodies do ‘dry out’ faster in summer heat, meaning that you’ll have to drink more water to maintain lubrication – or simply use more commercial lubes.

However, extra sweat is also produced – in huge amounts – and while that seems faintly unhelpful to a sexy situation, it’s actually a blessing in disguise.

Sweat is a massive turn-on, in smell if not in texture. Studies have shown that the scent of sweat is in fact one of the most arousing of smells, for both sexes.

And the longer days and shorter nights, even if the change in Australia is relatively small, trigger a psychological boost in the form of more dopamine, which has a direct correlation to libido.

It’s a complex chemical reaction, but it has to do with dopamine’s relation to testosterone – which isn’t just for producing strong jawlines.

It’s also vital for the female libido, as studies have shown that women with lower levels of it are far less enthused about intimacy in general. More testosterone in your system means you’re more revved up and ready to go.

Want to beat the summer heat? Change your habits – use the shower or bath, incorporate cooling gels (always do a skin test first), cold metals or ice, and alter your timings.

Choose the coolest part of the day or night to get busy: often the coolest point is in the morning rather than late at night, before the sun builds. And if the sheets get too hot and restrictive, strip them off and use other surfaces.

One other warning: sunlight and warmth also increase fertility, so summer is a very good time to be aware of your protection against pregnancy. Just because you’re having lazy holidays doesn’t mean your uterus is – just the opposite.

Lady Friday xx

Taking the pillow talk out of the bedroom, every Friday…


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