Stay Steamy with your Partner all Summer

This may seem like a silly topic to devote an entire column to, but for Australians it’s one of the biggest difficulties – how to make sex appealing in the stifling heat of summer.

With high humidity and all-night soaring temperatures, sticky sheets and perspiration, sex can seem downright unattractive.

After all, who needs an extra reason to sweat?

Fear not – RESCU has the top tips for cooling down and having comfortable sex, even when the thermometer is nearly bursting.

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Change your sex schedule

You may need to become firmly nocturnal creatures to avoid the worst of the sticky heat.

Sex in the evening or morning may become a lost cause because of all the sweat and grumpiness, so shift to a more midnight-to-three approach.

This may mean waking your partner up, but the blessed cool of the middle of the night will make things more delicious.

Plus there’s something sexy about a midnight tryst – even if you’re a little tired in the morning.

Go for the shower, the pool or the sea

Obviously this is a privacy-fraught notion, and one which involves a considerable use of water-resistant lube, but it’s a great one for keeping cool.

Indulging in a shower together or a dip into a cool pool is a good idea in the heat of summer, where the water will cool you off once your temperatures start to rise.

Don’t go for ultra-frigid temperatures – neither of you will respond very well – but a little coolness will stimulate your skin as well as giving you some comfort.

Don’t be afraid to sweat

It may strike you as disgusting or unattractive, but actually sweat isn’t that much of a problem when it comes to sex and hormones.

It releases a lot of lovely scents into the air, according to scientists – including some which stimulate your lover.

Obviously, do your best to feel attractive and clean, but don’t fuss about some excess sweat during a romp – it’s not going to turn any partner off, and if they protest, lure them into the shower.

Try a wet T-shirt

This is one of those patented Cosmopolitan absurdities, but it’s known to be pretty sexy on the right occasion.

The recipe is simple: white T-shirt, dampness, your skin, go.

This is not for people who can’t stand stickiness or would be worried about their bedsheets getting residual damp from the T-shirt (which would probably be flung off hurriedly anyway).

It’s also not for apartments where the AC can go on high – you’ll end up teeth-chatteringly cold at a moment’s notice.

Use cooling lube

It’s particularly important to use lube in summer, when you might not be producing as much natural lubrication as normal due to dehydration.

So why not mix it up and try some cooling lube?  Warm-and-cold lube sets are now a basic product on the adult market – so for a cool chill, why don’t you invest in one and see what happens?

Karma Sutra Intensifying Cooling Gel is one of the products out there, among a host of others.  If you’d like to get an expert opinion, talk to your local adult store manager.

Always remember to test lubes on your skin for allergies before you use them – they can burn!

Chill out in front of the fridge

Just open the fridge, let the cool air blast you, and start having some fun with what’s inside.

Cool fruits are a good idea, chilled Christmas ham not so much.  Or just pull out the ice cubes and play with one another – the penis and clitoris can both respond very well to light touches of severe cold as stimulation.

Don’t run up a vast electricity bill, though – cool yourselves down sufficiently and then enjoy working up a sweat again.

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