The Humorous Side Of Marriage And Happily Ever Afters

Here’s a question for you. What’s your high school boyfriend doing now? Lady Friday reflects on this very interesting subject, making you laugh, cry and cringe with her predictions.

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A few nights ago, I sat down with a bunch of new acquaintances – mostly female – and over a bunch of beers we started to talk, predictably enough, about our partners. (It’s either that or the economy these days, isn’t it?) One woman had been married two weeks; another had run off with her university professor five years ago; several had moved to follow theirs around the world (three of them, bizarrely enough, to Germany). The really strange thing, though, was that out of the fourteen of us, four were still with boys they’d dated in high school. Just because.

This, to me, is a horribly frightening thought, because if I’d stayed long-term with the people I had crushes on at that age, by now I’d be either crazy, miserable, or (in one very memorable case) living in a religious sect in Utah. (Don’t ask.) Think about it for a minute – being married, as you no doubt at one point happily imagined yourself being, to that lank-haired, greasy, groping, awkward boy in your year who passed you Sticky Notes with biro-drawn hearts and stuck his tongue down your throat under his Alice In Chains bedroom posters.

I mean, come on.

The stories of these high school romances were admittedly fantastic. One girl had known her boyfriend since she was six, and had rejected his advances every single year until they were both eighteen – including, when they were eleven, telling him (for some totally inexplicable reason) that she only dated boys with big ‘equipment’. She hadn’t ever seen a boy’s ‘equipment’, but she said it seemed like a fair standard to have at the time.

As a matter of fact, I know a woman with a long-past boyfriend, from that era of sixteen-year-old fumblings in beaten-up Hondas and formal dates, who occasionally drives into town in that same beaten-up Honda and makes her feel giddy all over again. They’re both twenty-seven now. For some people, the teenage glow never really fades.

Lady Friday xx
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