The Important Role Of Thumbs In Gaining That Elusive Female Orgasm

Lady Friday brings up the super hot topic of female orgasms and directs RESCU readers to scientific research that every woman on the planet must read… It may change your (sex) life!
I was at a dinner party recently with S., a brilliant woman I’ve known for ages.  S., as we munched on hummus and talked about jobs, let me in on a new development in scientific research that I just have to share.
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Familiar with those Cosmopolitan and Cleo gold-star sexual positions ‘Orgasm Guaranteed Every Time’, regardless of age, weight, partner or phase of the moon? Turns out (as we’ve all no doubt suspected) that it’s rubbish.  The women who have tried these gold-star moves, and everything else under the sun, to achieve orgasm, and yet can’t get there without time, effort and considerable investment in Maxxx Black [online adult shop], are being deceived. They’re doing nothing wrong – it’s all just biology.

You see, S. explained to me over the table, a woman’s ability to reach orgasm through simple vaginal penetration (i.e. regular vanilla sex) depends heavily on a simple measurement: the distance between the clitoris and the vagina opening. 

“If the distance is 2.5cm or under,” said S., “then normal penetration will get you an O almost definitely. If it’s more, sorry, you’re just going to have to try harder. 2.5cm,” she added, holding up a fist, “is about the distance from the tip of your thumb to the knuckle.”

Before you ask, yes, this was a perfectly normal dinner party – for me, anyway.

S. told me that her group of housemates (all female) had done a little experimenting, and come up with 100% confirmation. Intrigued, I went home and looked up the research on this ‘rule of thumb’. Apparently it first came about in the 1920s, when a female friend of Freud’s got frustrated at her apparent ‘frigidity’ and did a bit of research. 

I recommend you go try the ‘rule of thumb’ on your own – and if you happen to be one of those who are over 2.5cm, don’t panic. It’ll just take a little bit more work – and a partner who’s willing to take on the challenge.

Lady Friday xx

Taking pillow talk out of the bedroom (every Friday!)



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