How To Orgasm With No Hands (Or Tools)

Sound bizarre?  It may seem it – but Lady Friday promises an orgasm with no touching required isn’t science fiction, it’s real…

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Hands-free orgasm has always seemed like a slightly mystical myth – that you can ‘think’ yourself to ecstasy without needing to do any physical work whatever.

However, more recent studies of Tantra – although still very small – have revealed that not only is it possible, it should be available to many women, particularly those who have strong erotic memories.

What does that mean? It means that in recalling your last encounter, fantasy or most amazing experience ever, you can recall the sensual details that built up the pleasure in detail as if experiencing them again.

Having access to that resource means that, technically, hands-free orgasm – totally mentally focussed – is within your grasp, provided that your body is ready for it.

The problem with hands-free orgasm – and we do mean free of pressure of any kind, from chairs to grinding against the duvet – is that it seems, anecdotally at least, to come on at unexpected times, when associations with a past encounter or strong fantasy surface.

However, with training it can happen on command. The stimulation has to be quite strong, and you must be prepared to stay with the feelings, concentrate and let the energy build without the temptation to finish yourself off manually.

It’s also to be done solo – but not necessarily without distractions. Positioning yourself in a place where you last had a fantastic experience and critical-level orgasm is one ingredient to success.

Another is triggering other memories – through scent, song, or touch. (You can touch other things – just not yourself.) Some women have reached hands-free orgasm looking at a particularly erotic picture, but often it seems to be rooted in personal experience or heavily imaginative play.

Reach a meditative state of concentration if you can, but focus on your breathing and your arousal, and feel free to move around, moan or otherwise act out a bit. Focus your mental attention on your vagina and clitoris, feel connected to them and what they felt like in your previous mind-blowing experience – and from there push it as far as it can go.

Other important things to know? Hands-free orgasms aren’t like typical stimulation ones. They’re often far less intense at the beginning – but if you’ve got a knack for them, they’ll build with practise.

It’s a gift that’s also helped greatly by the strength of your Kegel muscles. Exercising them is the one big tip at the end of every sex column, but if it allows you to explore a very little-covered area of pleasure, we’re on board.

Don’t be discouraged if for most of your attempts you’re lying quietly aroused but unable to bring it to any climax. The body needs adjustment to new experiences and stimuli, including mental ones, so first-timers rarely achieve spectacular results.

However, with a bit of practise it may just turn into a Tantric ritual that boosts your self-esteem – you’re so self-sufficient you don’t even need to touch yourself to blow your own mind.

Lady Friday xx

Taking the pillow talk out of the bedroom, every Friday…


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