Keeping Your Sex Toys On The Down Low

Travel a lot? Have small children? Need something that’s easily disguised and still lots of fun? Lady Friday comes to the rescue…

It can be tough to maintain discretion and keep your attachment to your toys at the same time. Luckily, the adult industry is more than willing to help you indulge without costing you embarrassment at the airport or when somebody rifles your drawers.

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Here are the top five picks for discreet yet effective toys:


Lelo is the queen bee of vibes producers, and their Lelo Mia 2, pictured, is the best lipstick vibe available.

It’s disguised as a lipstick case – the right size, shape and colour, in three varieties of pink. It hides in your handbag, your cosmetics purse, your luggage – and nobody will be any the wiser, provided you don’t accidentally try to reapply in public. If you want something virtually unrecognisable, go for Lovehoney’s Ultra Discreet Waterproof Vibe, which is exactly like a lipstick down to the coloured tip. It’s cheaper, so will last for less time – but is sweet and perfect for travel.

Powder Puff

This is a rare thing – a vibe that’s cute and actually effective. The Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over vibe is disguised as a powder puff, complete with Chanel-esque black case, flat pink vibe (for a unique experience) and even a tiny mirror.

This is not recommended if you aren’t the type to wear make-up, as it might make people curious – but otherwise it’s uniquely portable and awesome fun.

Rubber Duck

This is particularly good for people who have baths and/or children. It looks innocent as can be, but packs a punch.

It’s the Rub My Duckie 3 Speed Waterproof Vibe, and it’s described as an ‘incognito treat’ for bathtime. It comes with three speeds, but you have to buy lubricant yourself – water-based products are recommended.

Toothbrush Head

This is discretion at its finest – an adjustable head for your electric toothbrush that’s definitely not intended for teeth.

The Tingle Tip is a fantastic little piece of equipment with a flat head rather than bristles (ouch), and can be filed away quietly with nobody the wiser. It fits most electric toothbrushes and is marketed as ideal for travel as well as home use.


Have a rock garden or a penchant for Zen design? The Zen Calm Massager is designed to look exactly like the polished meditation stones used for relaxation – but its purpose is more relaxing still.

It looks amazingly stone-like, complete with a high polish, but conceals buttons and adjustable speeds. It’s also a kick to leave out for guests to see unsuspectingly. Do not use if you have children who aspire to be geologists.

All products can be found via Lovehoney, Lelo, Babeland or your local adult emporium. If receiving delivery, remember to specify Discreet Packaging, which will wrap your toy in a plain brown box.

Lady Friday xx

Taking the pillow talk out of the bedroom, every Friday…

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