Sexcation: The Top Vacation Spots To Get Laid

 We all need to get away sometimes – but there are places where it’s best if we take our libidos with us.  RESCU outlines the best places to remember to pack your lingerie.  Some of them might surprise you…

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In Australia

The Hunter Valley

Let nobody say that visiting wineries and, perhaps, stomping on grapes together isn’t a sensual experience.  A favourite with weddings and honeymooners, the Hunter Valley is the place for people looking for a sexual kick-start.  It’s quiet, too, so nobody will hear you – well, make whatever noises you happen to make.

The Whitsundays

Beach holidays can be slightly hard on the sex drive – sunburn, sun stroke, sand in areas otherwise unseen by humans – which is why the Whitsundays are glorious.  Remote, with beautiful resorts on many islands and sparse crowds provided you go in spring, it’s got all the sexiness of bikini-flaunting without the hot crankiness.  


Paris, France

This is a no-brainer in terms of romance – but Paris has a lovely attitude towards sex shops which makes life very easy for the hot and bothered.  Pop into one of their charming boutiques in Montmarte or Le Marais for Lelo toys, Shangu orgasm creams or other fun, and serve with oysters.

Sabah, Borneo

Borneo is underrated as an incredibly sexy destination.  Lush, tropical and beautifully warm – you’ll want to walk around in only the most diaphanous of the clothing you own – it’s got the climate erotic dreams are made of, hopefully without the malaria.  Put yourself into a Gaughin-painting frame of mind, and have great, languid, steamy (in all the senses) sex.

Rajasthan, India

Known as the Land Of Colours, this is the ultimate Indian region to soak all your senses.  With so much colour and so many beautiful sights and tastes – plus a sense of delightful remoteness – you’ll climb into bed at night brimming over with sensuality.  Bonus points for joining a tent tour into the desert, which is how Angelina Jolie seduced Brad Pitt on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, if you believe the gossip.

Valalta, Croatia

This is the home of some of the best nudist beaches in the world.  If you’re not interested in showing your lumps and bumps 24-7, this may not be for you – but if you think continual exposure to your and other peoples’ bodies might put fire in your belly, Valalta is truly special.  There are several secluded coves for private time, too.

Hamams Cemberlitas, Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish bath is renowned for its restorative qualities – and for just how recharged you feel afterward.  Hamams is one of the best in the world, though Turkey offers many.  If you’re the type to enjoy a little pain with your pleasure, undergo the full oil-scouring, skin-scrubbing, massage experience.  You’ll be addicted, and take home a very stimulated body and a buzz which will last far into the night.

Kutemajarvi Sex Festival, Finland

This is Sexpo done on an international scale.  With erotic performances, sex-themed bands, a variety of retailers and artisans (and piercers) and a fun, experimental atmosphere, come to the festival with an open mind and a desire to explore.  If things are getting a bit stale, a few summer days at this festival will spice them right up again.

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