Tricks And Tips For The Perfect Quickie

It’s one of the easiest ways to squeeze a hot encounter into a busy schedule.  Haven’t had one for a while?  Let Lady Friday give you some ideas…

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Get busy at a party.

This is an old favourite, but a good one. It definitely depends on the event: if you’re going to be missed, at a dinner party, for instance, or an intimate soiree, don’t excuse yourselves.

If, however, it’s a loud and confusing bash, it can be easy to slip away and find somewhere where you won’t be disturbed.

Don’t pick the bathroom – party guests hate it when people occupy it, and everybody in line will see you when you sneak out. Find somewhere that locks and keep the noise down. And don’t overestimate how much space you need – closets and so on are cliches for a reason…

Wear a garter belt and suspenders.

This is the classic five-minute outfit – skirts are, after all, far easier to manoeuvre for quick encounters than jeans. A garter-and-suspender belt set will set the temperature rising before you even partially undress. That’s one aspect of quickies – often there’s no time to completely disrobe, so whatever shows needs to be stimulating in the extreme.

We love Agent Provocateur, Elle Macpherson Intimates and Mimi Holliday for gorgeous sets.

Find a secluded place after a date.

The evening doesn’t have to end after dessert, or even at each others’ places. If you can’t keep your hands off each other, being discrete in public might be the answer to your problems.

It’s best to check if your partner’s good with open-air activities, though – and whether the weather is going to cooperate. Also make sure you’re not somewhere where you’re going to be interrupted – by passers-by, police, stumbling drunks or rats in the alleys.

Go after-hours.

This is a tricky and occasionally job-risking one, but if you’re a higher-up in the company you can take one of the perks.

Working late can be a good excuse for a late-night visit and some fun in the board room. The key? Make sure there’s absolutely no evidence. If the security guard is going to remember letting your partner in, you best have a very good excuse.

If there’s surveillance of any kind, best not risk it – or just keep it for the photocopier room at the end of year party.

Schedule it and tease thereafter.

Quickies are actually more titillating if they’re not completely spur-of-the-moment.

If you give each other some forewarning and then tease leading up to the great moment, it takes the place of foreplay. There’s not a lot of time to get aroused in the moment, so working on getting each other to fever pitch – with flirting, suggestions and sly mentions of it in text messages – is pretty crucial.

It’s also a good way to test the waters. If your partner definitely seems cool on the prospect, give it a miss. Also don’t announce your intentions in a work email or anywhere it can be seen by superiors.

Be flexible.

Often the most surprising part of a quickie is how adaptable you end up being in your lustful haze.

So be prepared to be risky – the floor, a window seat with the curtains drawn, a secluded corridor in a dark club – and always feel capable of saying that you’re not comfortable.

A note: the backs of taxis and the bathrooms of airplanes sound all well and good, but are actually not a great fantasy in real life – plus you’ll really annoy the people in charge of the plane or vehicle…

Lady Friday xx

Taking the pillow talk out of the bedroom, every Friday…



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