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Emma-Charlotte Bangay

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The latest in lip augmentation trends have become laughable in some factions (Real Housewives anyone?) But it doesn’t have to be that way, the experts assure. Trout pouts not for you? Then here is your guide to getting subtle fullness to your smile.


“As we age the skin and deep tissue around the lip loses muscle tone, collagen and fibres that effect the whole structure and lip shape,” explains Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. William Mooney of Face Plus Medispa. “Consequently the lip loses definition, volume & dryness is very common.” In addition, lines can start appearing around the skin of the lip due to repetitive movement, adds leading Sydney-based Dermatologist, Dr Natasha Cook. And “the pinkness of the lip can show signs of sun damage with areas of scaling and fading.”

If this is causing you concern, then don’t fear in-clinic enhancement. “A subtle approach is the way to go,” assures Dr Mooney, adding “when we treat lips we follow the natural shape of the lip and beautify it without distorting its natural look.

What You Want:

“A good lip augmentation is one that you don’t notice,” explains Dr Mooney, naming Jessica Biel as a natural look that works. “Yet Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox have also had good lips at one stage, yet they can tend to over do it with top up treatments,” he cautions.

What To Consider:

With all clients having very different shaped lips, it is best to be realistic about what can be achieved during any treatment, cautions Dr Mooney. “Asking your physician or nurse their opinion on what area of your lip will benefit from lip augmentation,” So questions like ‘Do I need volumising or hydration?’ ‘Subtle or fuller lips?’ are all-important, he notes. “Be clear on what you are wanting to achieve.”

Dr Cooke agrees that reality checks are imperative. “You need to be realistic about the natural anatomy,” she says. “Most people do not have the face, bone structure or natural anatomy to carry a big or full lip,” she says. “The lip must be balanced to the face.”

Three Injectable Options:

  • Lip enhancement with hyaluronic filler is appropriate for clients in their mid 20s who are after a volumising effect, suggests Dr Mooney.
  • Autologous Fat Injection is best for clients in their 30s as a prevention of volume loss, he adds.
  • Stem Cells – new fat injection technique – for clients in their 40’s “treats volume loss and rebuilds structure of the lip as well as treat fine lines around lip and mouth area,” he adds.

Surgical Options:

The newest surgical option is ‘Autologous Fat Transfer’ which can be carried out in the procedure rooms, says Dr Mooney. “Yet most clients choose to have semi permanent filler, which only takes 30-45mins and you can go on with the rest of your day with minimal down time if any.”

What To Avoid:

  • Over filling the lip is the most common way to give any client a bad looking lip, warns Dr Mooney.
  • “Injecting technique is also important showing how good or bad your lips can look post treatment,” he adds. “Cosmetic Physician’s and nurses that keep their injectable training up to date are the ones with the most valuable skill set. Ask your clinic upon booking the experience and background of your cosmetic injector.”

How Long Will It Last:

“Semi-permanent fillers last 9-12 months, or permanent fillers can last up from 5- 7 years or sometimes longer. The same goes for fat transfer/injections, this can last from 24 + months,” says Dr Mooney.

However, Dr Cooke notes that because we are ageing and our face constantly changes, so may the results of lip enhancement. “We need to continually adjust and rebalance any cosmetic treatment,” she says. “In saying that if you have a treatment and decide you don’t want to continue in the future it will not be detrimental. The treatment will gradually wear off.”

What Is The Cost?

Filler prices range from $490 – $1290 per ml, but “price varies dependent on type of filler and volume required, and of course whether it is semi-permanent or permanent,” adds Dr Mooney. “Fat Transfer starts at $2000.”

Image: @emrata Instagram

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