Trial Team Puts La Prairie’s Line Interception Power Duo To The Test

You can now visibly fight the signs of ageing with La Prairie’s new Line Interception Power Duo in just 14 days. The luxurious skincare brand’s new product pair is a daily two step ritual that claims to show younger looking skin in just two weeks! It’s a total solution for all three types of wrinkles that will also improve the texture, firmness and luminosity of your skin.


So, does the new La Prairie product deliver? We put it to the test and asked 5 women to trial the Line Interception Power Duo in their daily beauty regime for 14 days and 14 nights and here’s what we found.

100% of women claimed to have seen improvements in their skin after using the product for a week, with some saying the change to their skin happened almost immediately.

“ Within days, I noticed a lovely smoothness to my skin, especially my forehead and cheeks.” Says Rachel

“My skin felt instantly more hydrated (and the hydration lasted well after application) whereas I’ve found with other products I need to reapply as my skin always seems so thirsty! My skin was also noticeable more dewy.” Says Sally  

When asked what they enjoyed most about the product 5/5 women mentioned the texture and scent.

“ It felt like silk on application, the scent was perfect, pleasant without being overpowering.” Says Romy

“The cream is silky and soft and instantly gives the skin a lift.” Says Gen

“The cream smells like heaven and goes on like a dream. It felt silky and my skin just drank it up, so all that was left was a healthy glow.” Says Rachel

The new product is a day and night cream, with the day cream including SPF 30 to protect you from the sun. The two creams are placed together in one bottle, making it easy to carry around.

“I LOVE the 2 in one day and night cream. So handy especially for frequent travellers like me.” Says Rebekah

All women saw positive improvements to the radiance of their skin, making it look more smooth, relaxed and plump.

“My skin was much more hydrated and even – less congested so my face is brighter.” Says Rebekah

“My skin hasn’t looked this good in ages. It’s smooth, dewy and radiant, and feels firm and plumped. I’ve also been feeling more confident about my skin and very happy to go makeup-free on my days off, which isn’t always the case. Says Rachel

At the conclusion of the trial, 5/5 women said they would tell their friends about this product.

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Don’t believe them? Watch our video with industry expert Belinda Besant from La Prairie.

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