Long Lasting Makeup Tips That Really Work

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Spring is filling the air and we are now coming out of hibernation from the cold chills of winter.

The extra sunlight at the end of the day means the possible added activities after work and of course the weekends are filled with fun in the sun.

Can our makeup last the distance with all this new activity based wear and tear? Longevity is a big step in makeup application for any season, but especially through the busy periods of Spring and Summer.

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As a lot of my makeup work is Red Carpet based, I have picked up some great tricks to assist in assuring my work lasts the distance. I mean, who really wants to look at themselves a couple of hours into their event to see makeup has moved around or worse, worn off? No thanks.

It really is all about understanding your skin, how it works, where it moves and from that, you will know where to apply product and where to not.

Here are some top tips for long lasting makeup .


Makeup is really all about that base!

It can only be as good as your skin underneath.

Know your Skin

Before you apply anything, you need to know your skin type and have a bit of an understanding of how your skin works throughout the day.

Does it usually shine up? Does it get dry? Are you going to be in a certain environment during the wear of makeup that will change your skin condition?  All very important factors as it will change the textures used on your skin.

Prep and Prime

Once you know your skin type, you should know what texture you will need to prime your skin.

A standard prep that is my go-to for a long lasting complexion is about balancing out the face. Start by mattifying the T-zone and highlight, giving moisture to the outer areas of the face.


*Try and use an oil controlling, mattifying primer across the nose, central front part of cheek and middle of forehead, this will keep this area fresher and shine free for longer.

* Then use a hydrating, illuminating primer on the outer areas of the face, including the high points of the face where light hits – Centre of brow, brow bone, cheekbone, Cupid’s bow and top lip, chin. This will add light, giving a sheer effect to foundation being applied over top.

Expression Perfection

There are women that tend to apply foundation heavily all over the face in the same amounts, all over. Then there are makeup artists who look at the expression areas of the face, apply less on these areas and only apply product where needed so the skin is not masked, giving a fresher, more natural look.

Applying less foundation and concealer on areas of the face that crease will avoid makeup moving throughout the day. Cover what is needed, but do not think of the face as needing the same coverage all over.

Start your application central and sweep out for foundation and tiny dabbing movement for concealer. Less is always best for longevity.

Matte Vs. Sheen

Everyone loves a dewy finish, its fresh, natural, and healthy. But, it doesn’t always look the same 2 hours later.

Use illuminators under foundation to create a translucent glow and yes, you can add some over foundation on top of the cheekbone for example, but finish with a light dust of powder. All red carpet makeup is semi-matte for longevity!

Your makeup will last and not disturb because of this step and the glow will still come through, if placed underneath.


Image via Style It


Texture Perfector

The eye area is the first to show age. The eyelid moves and creases in the socket line and the lower eye area creases because of expression lines.

The textures you apply on these areas are crucial for longevity.


As a base for eye makeup and also concealing the under eye, I use a creamy concealer.

The lighter the formula and more fluid it is, the less hold it will have – They tend to sit on top of the skin and will fall into creases easily if they occur. This texture can also be shiny and so anything on top can easily slip off causing creasing and fading.


A creamy, semi-matte finish as a base is the perfect bond for makeup to sit and hold onto, lasting much longer than nothing at all, foundation or a fluid style product.

For under the eye, the same texture is best. Only apply on a dark circle by dabbing product for a concentrated coverage. None, or very little should be applied on the outer lower eye area, as that is an area of expression lines.

Smoke and Smudge

No one likes seeing dark eyeshadow fall-out sitting under the eye. This is usually caused by applying too much shadow at once, and dark and glittery shades are the worst culprits. By dabbing these shades on the eye and not flicking the brush, will also minimise fall out.

For a quick, super long lasting result, with no fall-out, I use crayon eyeliners or gel eyeliners as a base smokey shadow.

Because they are not powder, they blend smoothly with no fall-out, and they are a very easy way to get pigment on the eye.  Then with a blending brush smudge up and into the eye area, you can get a smokey eye in seconds.

This technique is perfect for the warmer months, as you are smudging and blending the creamier texture into the eye area, it tends to stay put with no creases like shadow can.


Image via She Said


Press and Stain

Lipstick has traditionally been applied by the actual lipstick bullet itself, or with a lip brush. The problem with that is, it tends to just sit on top of the lip, making it very easy to wipe off on contact.

My go-to long lasting technique is to apply your lip colour first with your fingertip. By pressing and dabbing in the lip pigment, you are bonding colour to the lip more effectively. Your fingertip has some warmth to it, causing the lipstick to soften, plus it is round so it plumps the lip shape.

Once the stain is on the lip, at the desired colour intensity, you can then (if needed) use a lip liner to trace the lip edge for a sharper finish.

All these long lasting tips have been tried and tested on many of my clients and they do work. Know your skin; think about what texture of makeup you are applying where, as the way the face moves is a big part of the end result.

Less touch up’s means more spring time fun, so enjoy!

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