How To: Lose Weight While Watching Television

The couch doesn’t have to be your enemy with these amazing workout tips that will help you tone and watch TV at the same time. Natalie Carter, personal trainer and fitness expert shares with RESCU the ultimate lazy girls guide to losing weight, the easy way.

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So you’ve just set yourself up for the next ep of Gossip Girl. You’ve got your favourite section of the couch and your gym gear. What?! Yes, you heard right, your gym gear, it’s workout time!

I’m going to show you how you can best use those ad breaks to get a muffin top- free, lean, hot looking bod with my full body couch workout. Not possible you say? Excuse me? When have I ever let you down? May I remind you of the 20minute shred? Or the awesome butt workout?.

The benefits of this workout is that it includes both cardio and resistance elements. This means you get results faster and hit every part of your body, saving you time.

So let’s get cracking. Ad breaks generally last 2-3mins. We are going work through the whole break to best utilise our time. The goal is to try and complete 30 secs of each exercise, then repeat.

If you are training regularly, you may also want to add some weights to hold by your arms. Start with 3-4 kilos and use them on the exercises marked with an asterisk. Also remember to have a full body stretch at the end of the workout.

The goal is to perform this workout 3-4 times per week. After 4 weeks, up the intensity by increasing the time you spend on the exercises to 45 seconds, then 1 minute.

Round 1

a) Single leg lunge: Perfect for banishing those horrible saddle bags. Place your back right foot on the lounge and your front left foot parallel and out in front on the ground. You will now balance and perform a lunge movement. Swap legs. Note: do not lean forward; you should always be able to see your foot in front of you.

b) Push up: Perform the push up either on the floor, on your knees, or try placing both hands on the end of the couch nice and wide, balance on top of your toes. Bend the elbows till your chest almost touches the floor or couch.

c) Lunge: stand tall, place hands on hips or down by your sides. Step out with your left foot, lunge by bending both knees and then return the left foot. Make sure you lunge wide and low.

Round 2

All of these exercises will use your core muscles and give your arms & butt,that defined look.

a) Mountain climbers: place both hands on the floor as though you were starting a push up. Slowly move your left leg under your chest then return and swap sides. As you get the hang of the movement, speed up the movement and draw in your abs.

b) Squat hold: hover over the couch as if you’re about to sit on it, hold for 10 counts, then sit on the couch. Squeeze your butt cheeks (glutes) together and slowly rise up to a standing position.

c) Tricep push up: Say goodbye to tuck-shop arms. Follow the push up (Round 1 part b.) directions, however place hands closer together, initiate movement through triceps and chest.

Round 3

Time to get the heart rate up with a high intensity interval.

a) Butt kickers: jog on the spot, kicking your heels up to your butt.

b) Ice skaters: move laterally (left to right) balancing from one foot to the other in an “ice skating” motion

Round 4

More butt and arm defining is coming your way

a) Squat: sit on the couch, squeeze your butt and stand back up

b) Tricep dips: on the back of the couch, place both hands with your palms face down on the lounge (arm rest), fingers facing away from your body. Place both feet in front of you with your butt close the couch (imagine a right angle) slowly lower yourself down using your triceps an back not your legs push yourself back up with your arms.

c) Lateral lunge: start with both feet together. Extend your right leg out to the side (laterally) step and squat down on that side. You will feel most of the load on the right butt cheek; make sure you sit into your squat. Perform all movement on one side then repeat on left side

Round 5

Final Round and we are going to rid our bodies of belly fat with these two beauties.

a) Front plank: balance on your elbows and toes; push yourself up into a hover position, hold

b) Side plank: this time balance with your shoulder over your elbow, balance onto your toes and draw your navel into your spine. Stack both hips on top of each other. Push up from your side ab muscles (obliques) and hold

Good luck!

Stay Awesome until next time,

Nat x

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