Create a Love Spell For the Full Moon

If you are not seeing signs of love occurring in the natural world or in your dreams, perhaps it is time to take matters into your own hands. With the upcoming full moon on the 16th October 2016, what a perfect time to create a love spell. Love spells have worked for centuries to attract love and ensure it is requited. For the best result, perform these spells when the moon is full.

When casting spells for love, you must always believe that the spell will work. Doubting the power of magic will never make your wishes come true. Also, be aware that love spells cannot bewitch someone into falling in love with you – rather, a love spell performed correctly enhances your own magical energy so that you can attract the right person.

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The following spell when cast on the full moon will bring new love into your life.

Rose Petal Spell

You will need:
A handful of rose petals.

To perform the spell on the night of a full moon, hold the rose petals in your hand and walk one hundred steps from your front door. Turn around and walk back toward your front door, and, while you are walking, scatter the petals on the ground around you. As you do this, say out loud:

Love, find your way

Love, come to stay!

Repeat these words as you approach your door, until all the petals but one have been scattered. Hold the remaining petal and take it inside with you and put it by your bed. Be on the lookout as you return to your house over the week that follows. It is very possible that a new love will follow you home.

Red, Red Heart Spell

You will need:
Red paper
Candle matches
An envelope

On a full moon, cut a heart shape from the paper. Light the candle, and, holding the heart shape and standing in front of the candle, repeat these words:

As this red heart glows by candlelight,

I draw love closer to me this night.

Place the heart in the envelope, and using wax from the candle, seal it shut. Place the envelope in a safe place and do not look at it again until the next full moon, one month later. By this time, a love interest should have entered your life. If this has not occurred, repeat the ritual for one more month.

Double Twig Spell

You will need:
Two twigs, each about the same length and width
Pencil or pen
20cm length of twine

One twig represents you, and the other represents your next love. Write your name on one twig, and, on the other, write a few characteristics you are seeking in a mate.

Tie the twigs together with the twine so they are touching and see yourself in your mind’s eye, standing next to a new love. Toss the twig bundle into a body of water and exclaim, “From now on, together!” Repeat the spell each week until a new love comes to you.

Rosemary and Thyme Shoe Spell

You will need:
One sprig rosemary
One sprig thyme
A pair of your shoes
A small bowl of water

Before you go to sleep, put the sprig of rosemary in your left shoe and the sprig of thyme in your right shoe. Place the shoes where the light of the moon can fall upon them and sprinkle a few drops of water on the herbs in each shoe.

As you go to bed, chant this spell three times:

In the light of the moon, I work this old herbal spell.

By my will and desire, may it all turn out well.

A vision of my future love, reveal to me this night;

A dream conjured from rosemary, thyme and moonlight.

When you wake the next day, write down any dreams that you had. Dispose of the rosemary and thyme outdoors, and pay attention to any new love interests who enter your life from now until the next full moon comes around.

Marjoram, Violet, and Rose Spell

For the best results, perform this spell on a Friday under a full moon.

You will need:
Violet petals (fresh or dried)
Rose petals (fresh or dried)
A small sachet

Combine a small amount of marjoram, violet petals, and rose petals in the sachet. Go outside and hold out the bag up into the moonlight saying:

Marjoram, tucked in a sweet-smelling sachet,

Chase away the blues and keep bad dreams away.

Add violets for the lady, and the rose for love.

Hear me, Aphrodite, and answer from above.

Go inside and place the sachet under your pillow. Just before you retire for the night, say the following words:

Oh, enchanted herbs so sweet,

Bring to me dreams of the man I am to meet.

Rose and Candle Spell

Perform this spell in the evening before bedtime.

You will need:
A red rose
Two large red candles

Arrange the rose and candles on a table by your bedside, putting the rose between the candles. Do not light the candles yet. Go to sleep. At sunrise the next morning, sit by an open window that faces east. Hold the rose and recite these words:

This red rose is for true love

True love, come, come, to me

Return the rose to its place on the table. Light both candles, and, as you look into their flames, visualise love growing in the heart of your intended. Bury the rose in a sunny spot.

Blooming Bulb Spell

You will need:
A flower bulb or plant bulb
A pencil or pen
A pot
Potting soil

Write the name of your desired on the bulb you have chosen, be it a flower bulb like a tulip, daffodil, or hyacinth, or an edible bulb like an onion, shallot, or garlic. Plant the bulb in a new pot and place it so it faces the dwelling of the one you want to love you. Care for the bulb as directed. Each day, until the bulb first seeds up green shoots, repeat this spell:

May the roots grow

May the leaves grow

May the flowers grow

And as it does, so may

(the name of your desired)s love for me grow.

Seed and Coin Spell

You will need:
Potting soil
A pot
A coin
A packet of seeds (herbs work well)

Place the soil in the pot until it is two-thirds full. Go outside one clear night when the moon is out and hold a shiny new coin up, facing the moonlight. Then, bury the coin in the soil. Next, arrange the seeds on top of the soil so they form the initial of your object of desire’s first name. Cover the seeds with soil and sprinkle with water.

As the seeds sprout and grow, so will your love. Keep the pot in sunlight during the day and in moonlight during the night. The coin and the forces of the sun and moon will work together to draw love to you.

Now simply wait for love to blossom.

Article by Marianne Vicelich author of Love Spells


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