The Lunch Break Nose Job: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr. Joseph Hkeik

Cosmetic physician

Imagine a world where your nose could be straightened, reshaped, and lifted in your lunch break and without surgery sounds like some sort of distant utopia, think again. The liquid nose job is here and, according to our reader road test, it delivers serious, but subtle, results.

What is it?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure where dermal filler is placed under the skin of nose. It’s designed to correct humps and asymmetry as well as bumps on the bridge and can also assist in reshaping and lifting the tip of the nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can correct deficit due to injury or surgery (e.g. nose job or skin cancer on the nose) and of late, I have been performing nose rejuvenation due to the ageing process.

Another common use is nose bridge augmentation, which is more common for Asian-type noses or saddle noses.

Who is it for?

Anyone over the age of 20 with any or more of the above can benefit from the procedure.

Unlike lips where almost everyone may benefit, nose job is a sculpting exercise; patients need to be assessed to determine if they are suited for this procedure. I design the shape of the nose and have a picture of exactly what I’m going to do in my head, as once the filler is injected, I won’t be able to move it around. I look at it as if I’m filling in the blank spaces.

Cameron Diaz is known to have surgical rhinoplasty following an accident. The result of her surgery left her with a deviated bridge. That deviation could have been repaired with dermal filler, giving her a straight bridge.


How does the procedure work?

The procedure is clinic-based, where a plan of filler placement is designed.

The pain is very minimal, except some patients may experience slight pain if the fillers are injected at the tip of the nose.

In general, the pain is similar to Botox; a strong numbing cream is applied to the skin for 5-10 min and anaesthetic is also added to the dermal filler.

The filler is then placed with the use of fine needle of fine cannula. In the case of the RESCU road test, beforehand, I deduced around a 90 per cent improvement would be achieved for the most natural looking result.

A small amount of filler was injected into the fat pad crease between the brows, whilst the bridge of the nose was being pinched. The filler was injected approximately 5 times and took no longer than 20 minutes.


Most of my patients return to work after the procedure.
The side effects are slight swelling, redness, tenderness and occasional bruising at site of injection. Swelling will settle down within 24 hours and a special concealer with antibacterial properties can be used to cover any redness post procedure.
The concealer I normally apply is Oxygenetix Foundation, which was first designed for post procedures but since become a popular general foundation, even used on the Top Model television series.
The results are instant (like magic) and are appreciated more about one week after the procedure.

Non-Surgical vs Surgical

First of all, the cost is less than a tenth of the price.
There is minimal discomfort and next to no downtime, with no absence from work or your social calendar. It can be even done as a part of anti wrinkle treatment, all in the one sitting.

Permanent filler can be used for most nose complaints, however surgery is better for clients with an already very high nose bridge and people with needle fatigue or phobia.


RESCU Reader Roadtest: We sent one of our readers to road test this revolutionary procedure so we could find out whether the results really were all that. Sharing that she wanted to fix her side profile, which had a lump, our trialee said,

“I didn’t find the procedure painful at all — I think acupuncture hurts more! All of my close friends and family can see the difference, but it’s great that it’s so subtle that work colleagues and clients have not commented.

“I feel much happier with my nose — I was always paranoid that people were staring at me and that feeling is gone. I cant tell you how much more confident I feel with my looks, I feel free!”

Visit All Saints Cosmedical for more information

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