Make Your Dreams Come True This New Moon Eclipse

The New Moon eclipse is coming! Although not visible to the naked eye in Australia, its forces will still have a major effect on our lives.

They say good things come in three’s, and this eclipse is no exception. We know what you’re thinking: this is all fascinating, but what does it all mean?!


The New Moon eclipse will occur in Pisces, which brings an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and begin again. Eclipses are super-powerful times of change. This time also brings the climax of the Uranus/Pluto squares, which means its the best time to connect with the heavens regarding your celestial destiny.

The three days after the New Moon are extremely influential times to make  New Moon wishes and to lay down your intentions. This is not because the meeting of the Moon and the Sun holds a magical power per-se, but because the New Moon has ‘start-up’ energy. Therefore, it’s time to get things going: to launch, to start again, to start fulfilling your hopes and dreams.

Eclipses were perceived as a bad omen in the dark ages due to the lack of knowledge (and light!) surrounding them. Nowadays we have taken a step in the opposite direction; they are opportune moments to change our lives and realign with our life purpose.

So… How do we ‘wish’ these desires into fruition? Here’s Astrologer and RESCU Expert Yasmin Boland’s checklist on how to make your dreams come true:


– Make a list of your plans and dreams for the coming month: fill it out and leave it somewhere you will find it again later – it’s quite amazing how our wishes manifest, once we put some really heart and soul into them!

– Be as specific or vague as you want: as long as the intent is out there and in the right direction, the heavens will listen

– Recite your own Moon Meditation: make it relevant to what you want to achieve. For example: “l’ll do what I know I need to do to feel more confident about…”

– A dream is a wish your heart makes: it’s no good going into the eclipse with half-hearted intentions – you’ve got to feel it, own it and believe it

– Develop a ritual to connect with your dreams: light a candle, have a bath or sit in a quiet space to reflect on your wishes, and how you will go about making them come true

– Know your angels: discover your archangels and get in tune with their powers, and what they can do for you. You’re not alone in this!

– Forgiving and forgetting: this is a time of new beginnings, which means healing and forgiving past mistakes is quintessential for moving on. As Elsa would say, ‘let it go…’

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Follow this meditation to prepare for the New Moon:




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