Makeup Tricks On How To Look Awake In An Instant

Looking fresh in the morning can sometimes seem a distant memory, but it really is an easy and quick process, just by altering your application technique.

We generally wake up, look in the mirror and only look at anything negative that we may see.

Dark Circles, redness, blemishes. Sound Familiar?

Rather than grabbing that concealer or foundation and immediately covering these concerns, usually on the heavy side with no prep, you are actually making the area look worse or more noticeable that you are covering something up.

What we need is hydration and brightness, this will bring skin back to life and if and when product is then used, it will even skin tone, sitting perfectly on the skin keeping your look natural.

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Illuminating Primer

When feeling tired and a bit flat in the face department, spending that extra minute prepping skin is so important. Add your usual moisturiser and try to make it a light, hydration product, so skin is instantly infused with plumping moisture.

But once skincare has been applied, it is so important to add light to the skin. Add an illuminating primer (brightener and light reflecting) to the highlight points of the face, cheekbone and centre of the face.

This lifts the face and also brings light through your foundation once applied, giving a more natural appearance.

TIP – Reapply illuminating primer in a dabbing technique over foundation on cheekbones for extra glow.

Victoria-Beckham-cremeVictoria Beckham Estee Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Creme RRP 150

Double Concealer

We all hate dark circles but sometimes one concealer just doesn’t cut it.

Once you remove dark circles and sometimes some redness around the nose, your entire look is lifted and fresh, resulting in less makeup elsewhere.

Use a deeper, more yellow based concealer for fair skin and an orange based concealer for olive skin – these warm bases will correct the dark circle, taking away that grey/blue tone.

Then to really brighten the area, dab a lighter shade of concealer over the top to give a complete fresh under eye look.

laura-mercer-concealerLaura Mercier Double Secret Camouflage RRP $35

Peach Blush/Bronzer

Now that we have a blank fresh looking canvas, we need to add colour.

If you are very fair and may have a little bit of pink running through your skin tone, add a light touch of bronzer on the apple of the cheek to give lift and a warm glow, then add a sweep of bronzer on the mobile eyelid to contrast your eye shade.

For olive skin, you need a hint more colour, so a peach blush is perfect to lift your cheek area and then a light sweep on your eyelid will lift the eye area.

This can be applied as much as you feel you need, but even the smallest amount will make a difference.


Urban Decay Naked Flush RRP $52

Eye Lift

Mascara is a must in the morning, if you have no time for anything else, by just applying mascara, you add lift and contrast to your eye colour, so eyes will have more pop!

Also, brush up your brows with a brow brush or old toothbrush! Just by lifting your brow hairs in an upward direction makes your eyes lift, never brush them to the side or down.



Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara RRP $21.95

Lip Stain

Lips are such a great area to add freshness and lift when feeling flat and it and it doesn’t mean you have to go bright, just enough colour (normally at least one shade up than your natural lip shade).

Warm peach shades can be great for instant lift, or shades or watermelon pinks for olive skin, if no redness is seen naturally within your skin tone.

TIP – Using your fingertip to dab in colour is quick and easy, and makes the look more like a lip stain, than full colour – keep that more precise application for night.


Charlotte Tilbury new Hollywood Liquid Lips RRP $49


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