Mental Wealth: Why This Is More Important Than Financial Wealth

We live in a world where our heroes are often people who have achieved fame and fortune. We tend to measure our own worth by similar markers of status and financial success.  Most of spend a large part of our lives in the pursuit of money.

Yet, we have all heard the saying “money can’t buy you happiness.” And it’s true, divorce, addictions, mental health issues and suicide are on the rise.  It is only natural that many people are looking for an alternative ideology.

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The rise in popularity of Marie Kondo’s “The life changing magic of tidying up” can be seen as an example of the cultural swing away from consuming and focusing instead on things that “give you joy”.  And, just as de-cluttering your physical space can bring you joy, de-cluttering your mental space creates a type of wealth that is far more valuable than any financial wealth you could achieve.

Mental wealth is created through investing in your self development on a mental, emotional and behavioural level.  Spending the time to understand your values, find clarity of mind, break your bad habits, nourish yourself with relationships and learn how to just be, rather than be “busy” – will pay dividends far beyond any hours you could put in building your bank balance or investment portfolio.

So how do you begin to build you Mental Wealth?  Founder of Equilibrium Collective, Gemma Cribb shares 4 tips to get “rich” quick!

1. Know your values

Rather than adopt what those around you view as success, take time to work out what is truly important and valuable to you. As opposed to financial wealth it is knowing and fulfilling your values that truly make your life worth something. Your values are like your compass points for life- when we direct our actions towards our values we generally feel fulfilled and satisfied with ourselves. Values are different to goals in that we can never “tick off” a value- for example we can “tick off” a goal of running a marathon but the value of physical fitness can never be achieved and requires continual action. However, knowing your values and setting continual realistic goals in line with them gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose.

2. De-clutter your mind

Ever wondered how some people can have such bad things happen to them but still thrive? Most of our distress comes not from what happens to us outside but the meaning we give these events in our own minds. Mastering your mind by becoming aware of and clearing out the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in negativity, low self worth and self defeating patterns is a crucial step in beginning to experience your life from a place of wealth and abundance. You will feel “rich” and empowered- no matter what challenges arise in your day-to-day life.

3. Break bad habits

We all have habits that don’t serve us well and we all waste time and energy on activities and things that don’t allow us to grow and thrive. Whether you struggle to exercise, get stuck in addiction, procrastinate, or spend time numbing out on TV, becoming aware of the ‘expense’ of these behaviours and choosing to invest your time and energy more wisely is always going to lead to a richer life.

4. Enjoy nourishing relationships

Life is too short to waste time on people who don’t enrich you.  Just as a diet of fast food will never get you in optimal physical shape, superficial and one-way friendships will never leave you in optimal emotional shape.  With the right people you are not spending time, you are investing it.  So noticing who you let into your life, thinking about how sharing time with them leaves you feeling, and selecting to continue to deposit into only the most nourishing of connections is a valuable investment strategy.

5. Time out

In our work and productivity focused culture being “busy” is almost seen as a status symbol.  Too often when we ask someone how they are, they reply “busy” as if that it is not only how they are in this moment but who they define themselves to be. However constant busyness not only creates stress but is a primary contributor to how people lose their way. Taking the time out to just “be”, to be still, to tune in to yourself, to assess where you are spending your time and energy and if those investments are paying dividends is as useful as reading the Ts & Cs before signing a contract. It’s essential!

So no, it’s not as intagram worthy, and perhaps it will be harder to boast about in your school reunion, but focusing your energy on building your Mental Wealth will leave you far more fulfilled and give your life far more meaning than all the insta-fame and reunion wins ever could. See if you can make your first deposit today!

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