Michael Brown’s Instant Beauty Boosters

Did you know that 80% of ageing comes from environmental damage? With the exposure we receive every day to external aggressors like sun, pollution and makeup, it’s as important to protect our skin as it is to treat it.

Ultraceuticals Ultra Defence Duo does just that. While the Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex works to treat free radical damage, the Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield SPF 50 Mineral Defence protects skin from UV damage, ultimately preventing the processes that promote ageing.

RESCU Beauty Expert Michael Brown shows us exactly how the Ultra Defence Duo works, and the difference it can make in your daily beauty routine.

When applied before makeup, the Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex and the Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield SPF 50 Mineral Defence not only prevents premature aging, but gives the skin a beautiful smoothness, making it the perfect makeup primer. The Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex is applied like a serum, after your cleansing routine. As you would with foundation, apply from the centre of your face, sweeping out to the edges.

Once you’ve given your skin the concentrated boost of antioxidants it needs, the next step is to shield. The Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield SPF 50 Mineral Defence is a 100% mineral protective treatment with tiny colour pigments that also even skin tone, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, facial redness, and dullness. As Michael Brown explains, the product appears light at first, but as you blend, the pigments burst and blend evenly; perfect for every skin tone, including olive complexions. Not only are you given optimum protection from external factors, but also a beautiful glow and a brighter, smoother complexion.

‘As a makeup artist, I love priming the skin regardless of any makeup I do, but with this product, at least I’m giving you protection against sun damage, and you’re preventing premature aging with the antioxidant complex. It’s a win/win isn’t it?’ – Michael Brown

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